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Word-of-Mouth on MWS Online Shopping

This page is reserved for MWSearch members and visitors to express their opinions on shopping in general and online shopping and MWS Online Shopping Catalog in particular. MWSearch reserves the right to edit the comments to make them more precise or readable. MWSearch also reserve the right not to publish certain comments if they are inappropriate to be published on this page. Authors have the option to publish their names along with the comments or choose to be anonymous. When similar comments are submitted, MWSearch may simply indicate how many similar comments are submitted to save publication space. Submissions must bear authors' email address and submission date for MWSearch to verify facts if needed. The best way is to submit through email to although ClickCall inquiries will be accepted on merchants' behalf.  

MWS Online Shopping Catalog: Contact for any inquiry

Word-of-Mouth from Everyone to Everyone

You may submit your merchant review or comments by sending an email to or ClickCall a MWSearch staff

Comments will be published within a few days after MWSearch receives the submission. Please be precise with your comments. 


This MWS Online Shopping Mart or Catalog is officially opened on May 25, 2003. (MWSearch Staff)

Online Shopping offers two major advantages: convenience and no pressure. It is convenient because it is available 7/24 and the shopper can shop any time and anywhere so long the shopper is online. No pressure is no small deal since salesmen tend to give shoppers more pressure than knowledge. Shoppers can do comparison shopping and do product investigation at the right moment without interference. Online shopping can be a wonderful experience if the merchants and their products are selected based on reputation and displayed along side with peer offerings. Shoppers can get peace of mind if they can preview the comments and opinions of other shoppers about the goods and services they are interested in buying. This is the reason, this page of Word-of-Mouth is so valuable for online shoppers. (Contributed by David at MWSearch, 5/25/03)

I like the simple (no cluttering of advertisements) format of this shopping mall. It is easy to browse the merchants' web sites and their products. I especially enjoy the gift shops, they give me so many good ideas. (Terry, 5/27/03)   

This is a wonderful shopping catalog, so many great stores one can spend hours on it. Good thing is I can generate a buy list very easily and buy at my leisure. Thanks for providing this member service. ( Joe and Diane, 5/31/03)

We like this shopping mall. It is friendly and simple to browse. We understand some medical devices and medicines do require prescription and expert guidance to purchase, but would like to see more medical oriented products included in this catalog. (Johnny, 6/2/03)

Why is the Click and Call icon only appearing in a few stores? This is an excellent service for shoppers. It should be placed to every merchant's offerings. (Susan, 6/3/03) MWS reply: It is now implemented on every merchant's listing. (6/12/03)

Having similar stores available on the same shopping site is an excellent benefit for shoppers. We shoppers can really find the best store from quality, service and price points of view. MWS did a good job (The Bergers, 6/6/03)

Why is it the store logo has no hyperlink? (Mary, 6/23/03) MWS: The links provided are specific offers from the merchants. The merchants would like to have customers to go directly to the special offer. Once on the merchant site, of course the customer can visit any page on the web site. (6/25/03)

I noticed that many merchants have changed their offerings in July, does that mean the offers I have seen in June are no longer available? (JS, 7/8/03) MWS Reply: Yes, the merchants change their offers depending on their product availability and the products seasonal demand. Presently, most merchants are offering summer specials. Please do pay attention on the dates that offers expire. (7/9/03)  

MWSearch will offer shoppers a rebate in addition to the discounts merchants offered from their online shopping sites. Wouldn't MWSearch lose money in offering the online shopping service. (Cindy the nurse, 8/14/03) MWS Reply: MWSearch collects a small administration fee from the merchants and/or a small fee related to purchase amount. Hence, MWSearch can return a rebate to the shoppers. We consider this is a form of 'value marketing' to promote the MWSearch Online Shopping Mart. (8/15/03).  

The MWSearch Online Shopping Mart is a good concept but it is just too slow for initial page. Better design may help this situation. (Tim 9/12/03) MWSearch Response: Yes, better design is being considered. Opening a page with 50 companies' logos and products is time consuming even with broadband. (9/14/03)

How many stores are there in the MWS online shopping mart? Is there a list one can browse. (Sue 9/26/03) MWS Reply: We will provide a list in the new design of the shopping mart. (9/29/03)

The sales newsletter is very useful. You should make it more prominent for shoppers to spot it. (John 10/16/03) MWS: Thanks. It is now on the MWS main page's table of content. (10/17/03)

The fast track design is great. The shopping card idea is even better. When is the Shopping CD available? (Tim 11/6/03) MWS reply: The shopping card, entitled Magic Mart should be available within this month. (11/7/03) 

Magic Mart Shopping Card is a wonderful idea. I now carry it in my purse. It is a convenient reference whenever I want to do a comparison shopping. Thank you for sending me this card. (Dorothy 11/18/03)

I am amazed by the amount of information and the number of stores contained in the Magic Mart shopping card. Your categorization of the stores by products, seasons and occasions are very useful. It is nice to be able to access a dozen on-line flower shops and select their specials for an occasion. I hope that you will be expanding the categories. (Theresa 12/5/03)

Please update your Magic Mart Directory. It seems that you have some merchants who are not yet listed in the Magic Mart Directory. (Mat 12/10/03) MWS reply: Thank you for your message. We have updated the Magic Mart Directory. We started with 150 merchants or stores now we are approaching 200. (12/13/03)

Magic Mart is a great service to online shoppers, especially for last minute shopping in the holiday season. I enjoyed using the Magic Mart CD. (Nancy 12/21/03)

Merry X'mas to MWSearch staff who developed the Magic Mart CD. Thank you for sending me one. This is one of my best X'mas presents this year. (Judy 12/26/03) MWS reply: You are very welcome. Happy Shopping. (1/4/04)

There are so many special holiday offerings on Magic Mart but it is hard to tell which ones are really good bargains. Can Magic Mart make some distinctions? (Shopper 12/30/03) MWS reply: Each merchant makes its own special sales offerings  to MWS shoppers.  Magic Mart identifies them, displays their links on Magic Mart and keeps them current so shoppers can do fast browsing, comparing offerings and making purchases. Review the special sales newsletter, you will not miss out the real good bargains. (1/4/04)

 The post-holiday sales are always better deals; online shopping mart is no exception. (Suen 1/26/04)

Magic Mart's expansion on toys and games section is a smart move. Although many merchants do carry toys and games but not grouping them together probably missed a lot of sales during last December. (David 2/22/04) MWS Reply: Your comment is right on. Magic Mart staff attended the American International Toy Fair in Javits Center, New York during Mid February and come to the conclusion that the toys and games section should be expanded. Although many merchants in Magic Mart offers toys and games products (Gift Stores, Macy's, Scholastic, Wal-Mart...), the section, Music, Video and Games did not highlight enough toy and game products. Magic Mart will link more toy and game products into this section and eventually will separate out toys and games as a major category. (2/25/04)

I noticed that in the game section in Magic Mart is offering special rebates to shoppers. Why is this only offered in the toy and game category? (Curious 3/5/04) MWS reply: Discounts for Magic Mart shoppers are generally offered directly by merchants and MM rebates are  offered by Magic Mart. For some independent game and toy creators, they prefer to have Magic Mart to handle the ordering and transaction, hence Magic Mart can negotiate and offer a rebate for MM shoppers. These MM rebates are really savings passed onto shoppers and they are only available on Magic Mart  since the products are retailed at a uniform price everywhere else..(3/11/04)

I have visited the GIFTED website, it is a cool site. When will it be open to shoppers. (Steve 4/2/04) MWS reply: Good Inventions For Toys & EDucation (GIFTED) is evolving. Please bookmark the web site, to see its progress.  (4/5/04)   

I have been visiting this shopping site several times, every time I find interesting entries and new products. I like the quotes collected on some of the categories. It is refreshing to visit a web site which seems to be caring about its 'atmosphere'. Keep up with your good work, I like it very much. (Nancy 7/4/2004) MWS Reply: Thank you. (7/9/2004)

How many merchants are represented in Magic Mart? I counted the Magic Directory listings, it does not match what is present in Magic Mart, although I can't be sure I have visited every store in Magic Mart. (Matt 11/20/2004) MWS Reply: We apologize for not keeping up the Magic Directory up-to-date. Our policy is to keep only quality merchants and products. We update the product listings as quickly as we can. The directory should be updated accordingly. We will try our best. (11/26/2004)

Some of the product links although not many are broken, why? (12/21/2004) MWS Reply: We are not making excuses but the destination product pages are maintained by merchants; now they are over 250 in Magic Mart offering tens of thousands of products. Sometimes when the merchants change their product pages without informing us in advance. A broken link results. Please do alert if you see a broken link. Thanks. (12/28/2004)

Magic Mart is great even with occasional broken links. I find it comfortable to browse the categories which are fairly comprehensive. It is easy to navigate with the main frames always present. I like some of the poems collected too.  (Tiffany 1/3/2005) MWS: Thanks (1/9/2005) 

I enjoy Magic Mart too, your winter poems and romance poems are very touching. (2/22/2005) MWS: Thanks (2/28/2005) 

Merchant Specific

I like this shopping mall. I can browse hours on the many merchants' web sites and their products. I agree with 'no pressure' shopping. Please include more specialty shops. (Gina, 5/27/03)

Your merchants seem to be doing a good job in maintaining their specific web pages corresponding to their offers. I have seen shopping catalogs with so many broken links or outdated pages which really tarnishes the merchant's credibility. (Smith, 6/3/03)

Your Garden section is great, I love to browse each store. I think the shipping and delivery service will eventually win the customers. (Martha, 6/7/03) 

Travel arrangements often require discussion with an expert travel agent. Why didn't the travel service have the ClickCall service? By the way, you should make the download of the calling software convenient to shoppers. (George, 6/9/03) MWS reply: ClickCall is now added to travel services. Alternative to download is to request the calling software by email. (6/12/03)  

I am confused about Handspring's special offer on Treo 270. Can you provide more information about the service plan? Can people order from overseas without the T-Mobile plan? ( Steve, 6/16/03)   

I am interested in a product by Mikasa called May (?), Can you help me finding it? (Diane from Yahoo?, 6/16/03) MWS Reply: Please send us your email again, your mail was deleted by a mail filter unfortunately. (6/16/03)

I want to make sure that if I make a click through MWS online shopping mart to a merchant's site, my purchase will not be more costly compared to if I go directly to the merchant without going through MWS. Is this correct? (Henry, 7/10/03) MWS Reply: It is absolutely correct. The MWS Online Shopping Mart being a large shopping site with more than 150 stores draws a significant number of shoppers. Hence the merchants are motivated to offer additional discounts to MWS shoppers rather than adding more cost. MWS Online Shopping Mart offers values to shoppers in addition to more discounts in terms of more convenience in making comparison shopping. Please visit ART of Online Shopping (7/11/03)  

MWS Online Shopping Mart is very much like a big shopping mall with a variety of stores. The difference is that the shoppers can have 7/24 access and do no pressure comparison shopping. The word-of-mouth page is very useful to shoppers. Do keep up with your good work. (Gina 7/26/03) MWS Reply: Thanks.(7/27/03)   

Please inform me when the Magic Mart shopping CD becomes available. Please do not publish my email. (Jean 11/9/03) 

I am glad to see that Macy's has joined Magic Mart. (Susan 12/22/03)

Why is the logo of Wall Mart not linked to Wall Mart web site? (7/5/2004) MWS reply: It is our policy to link to the merchants' specific product pages they offer to Magic Mart shoppers. This way we will know what exactly Magic Mart is offering you.  Sometimes a logo is linked to the merchants home page at their request. (7/11/2004)

Product Specific

I am looking for a digital camera made by Canon, Canon A70. A couple of places on this catalog show that it is currently not available. Is there someway to find out whether this model is still being manufactured? (Teresa, 6/2/03)

We would appreciate getting information through email on vitamins made of pure organic or natural substance. (Jones, 6/3/03) 

I was skeptical about the discount sales in this site, but I was happy to be proven wrong. The Blowout Sale at Yves Rocher was real and I bought a bunch of items that I needed. Thank you for offering this shopping site. (6/10/03)

We were shopping for camping goods and find it difficult to compare products. Even products made by the same manufacturer show different prices and product names in different stores. How can we make fair comparisons? (Adams family, 8/3/03) MWS Reply: Retailers sometimes require product suppliers to offer their products under different product names according to retailers' product specifications. For instance, sleeping bags are designed for different types of camping (seasonal difference, summer or winter or environmental difference, mountain, beach or wilderness). Shoppers should compare on key product attributes, for sleeping bags, such as material, weight, cold protection specified by temperature, size, zip design, etc. Product names are of course useful if one recommend a product to others. (8/4/03)

I purchased a copy of the latest Harry Potter book from MWS Online Shopping Mart but apparently the transaction was not recorded properly to give me an additional rebate from MWSearch. Does this happen often and what is the remedy? (Teresa 8/10/.03) MWS Reply: Your purchase was made in June when some of the merchants' online systems were not automatically forwarding purchase records to MWSaerch. We are happy to report now that you have received the discount and the rebate for your purchase. We believe, the best practice for a shopper is to send an email to us right at the time a shopper makes a purchase. This gives MWS additional data to verify with the merchants' data to correct any discrepancy. (8/22/03)  

I enjoyed shopping in the Men's Wear section especially the Paul Fredrick's shirt offerings. Can Magic Mart obtain a special discount from Paul Fredrick for MM shoppers? (John 3/20/04) MWS reply: Thanks for the note. Merchants offer discount based on sales volume. More sales can negotiate more discount. Magic Mart will monitor the sales and negotiate more discounts for MM shoppers. (3/23/04)      

Service Specific

This online shopping mart is quite rich in products but not so much in services, especially professional services. Are you going to have more service offerings? (Jim, 6/24/03) MWS: Yes, we are. We are encouraging professionals to list their services in MWS Online Shopping Mart and offer discounts to our members. (6/25/03)

MWS online Shopping Mart will offer MWSearch members and their recommended friends to list their professional services and/or products. Please note a few artists are included under the category of Art. (MWS 8/9/03)  

Can a professional offer his or her service in the MWSearch Online Shopping Mart? (Chiropractor, 8/16/03) MWS Reply: Yes. Medical World Search (MWSearch web site) does not accept advertising on its web pages. The Online Shopping Mart is the only place products and services can be offered with ad languages. However, MWSearch reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason. Placement of a service ad is subject to an administrative fee as stated in messages to shoppers and merchants. (8/25/03)

How does your Internet phone service work? How much does it cost? (George, 10/5/03) MWS Reply: The Internet phone is a voice over IP solution. Please visit for technical details. Listing of 800 numbers is free of charge. The 800 number is extended to be callable around the world over the Internet. Listing of  other phone number has a listing fee. The phone number can be enhanced to be a toll free number for Internet calls. The actual fee depends on usage pattern. Please contact for cost and installation questions. (10/7/03)

Will present user of Magic Mart Shopping Card (CD) users receive future editions? (Linda, 1/8/04) MWS reply: Future edition of Magic Mart CD will be made available to the public. Whether it will be offered free of charge to present MM CD users or not is yet to be determined. (1/15/04) 

The product comparison on PC is very good but they are outdated. Are you going to update it? (11/19/2004) MWS Reply: our intention was to alert the shoppers to do a comparison before purchase especially on electronic and computer products. On the Internet they are many such information sites. The format Magic Mart presented on PC was intended to give shoppers a reference what information items to look for. We will try to update the sample when resources are available. (11/24/2004) 

This space is reserved for shoppers of MWS Online Shopping Mart to express their opinions. Please feel free to Send a note whether or not your purchase was a wonderful or weary experience! They motivate us and our merchants to improve. Please indicate your permission for publishing your comments.  

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