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Who Benefits from Medical World Search 

I. General Public - Health is the most important thing in everyone's life. Medical knowledge is the best health insurance against diseases and for getting sound medical treatments. Medical World Search can help you and your loved ones to keep abreast of health news, medical advances and drug information. Most importantly, MWSearch provides you an intelligent medical search engine and dozens of special database search tools all in one place for you to search and drill down a medical or health topic to get difficult to find and reliable information. Spend a few minutes a week may save you thousands of dollars in medical bills, avoid painful mistakes and extend years of your life. Isn't your health worth it?!

II. Medical and Health Professionals - 15% of web information is health and medical related. Practicing medicine and healthcare requires keeping up with the rapid advances in medical science, treatments, clinical trials and pharmaceuticals. You can access Medical breakthroughs, health news, new drugs, clinical trials and peer publications using MWSearch (Over dozen search tools & services gathered in one place for very busy professionals). Don't let colleagues or patients surprise you with what they know but you don't. One stop for quick and full answers! 

III. Medical Students and Researchers - MWSearch's interactive and expansive medical search engine is the most powerful tool for digging deep into the knowledge domain on any medical and health subject. The selected medical journals, hot topics, medical conferences and special web sites and numerous other search tools will save you days and months in your medical studies and research. Use forum to exchange information and experience!

IV. Who Are Registered MWSearch Members: Professors, Researchers, Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Medical Technicians, Patients, Librarians, School Teachers, Health Professionals, Health News Writers, Hospital Administrators, Insurance Professionals, Injury Lawyers, Social Workers, Medical Informaticians and General Public.   


MWSearch Membership for Your Loved One is A Gift of Love & Care!
Access to Medical Knowledge Is Like Having A Health Insurance Covering All Preventive Medicine and Guaranteeing Paying Lowest Medical Expense or None at All!
An Intelligent Medical Search Service Saves Money and Saves Lives!
Your Practice, Your Health and Your Family Deserve Medical World Search!


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