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MWSearch Pulldown menu contains 7 data sources for search. Pubmed Medline has a rich medical database. You can use the split screen search tool (top) to search taking advantage of the intelligent expansion and/or Boolean Operators or use Pubmed (above) and NCBI's (below) extended data bases to search. 
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  • MWSearch services are constantly growing, offering many useful search tools and services. it may be overwhelming to you initially but they are here when you really need them (All types of search tools related to medical and health subject) Please take time to get familiar with each tool and servic: powerful search engines, dictionary, acronym, spell check, encyclopedia, directories, drug information, clinical trials, topic information, medical research, news search, relevant web links, databases, author search, physician information and government and commercial resources all related to health and medical knowledge domain. Use MWSearch patiently and iteratively to drill down deep into the medical knowledge domain with different search databases. Type in any term in MWSearch in conjunction with any search engine database (google, pubmed, hotbot, altavista, etc in the pull down menu, you will see MWSearch's intelligent expansion shown on the top screen and search results from your selected database shown in the bottom screen) - convenient, accurate and relevant. MWSearch and its access to medical knowledge is the best health insurance for anyone. No ads and no distraction just health and medical information. One Stop Search & One Stop Solution - Convenient, Quick and Accurate.

  • If you have problems going to PubMed with the split screen browser, use PubMed Search window above use MWSearch Expansion Terms. Because many search tools are gathered here, you may encounter some system error messages from guest systems. You may simply ignore them or report to for investigation if they interfere with your search.  

  • Search for NEJM articles by author! Enter author last name with or without a comma and initial and then select NEJM on the pull down menu and click Get It! 

  • Drug information, find a doctor, health news  search etc just click in the menu on the sitemap or below.

  • Canadian pharmacy prescription drug price comparison. Type in drug name to check out. 

  • Please send your comments to if you have a search problem that is not met by the tools included here. MWSearch will do research to add tools for solving your research problem. You may send a mall donation to TLC Information Services/Medical World Search to support its research and development effort.

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Infoworthy! (Received by MWSearch)

NEJM Papers & Abstracts 

(MWSearch respectfully make convenient access to NEJM's highly regarded academic papers but we are not responsible for the accuracy of their contents. All inquiries about these papers should be directed to the editors of NEJM)

Current Issue  Table of Content and Summary

(Volume 356, Issue N0. 19
(May. 10, 2007)
Table of Content and Summary

(Volume 356, Issue N0. 18
May. 3, 2007)
Table of Content and Summary

Early Release and Other Papers


National Library of Medicine 

  • Health Information - for example

Search for Clinical Trial Information for patients to search 
Health Information for Seniors by topics NIHSeniorHealth
Databases on toxicology, environmental health, and hazardous chemicals can search on multiple databases

Old Owl Answers Frequently Asked Questions about NLM Products & Services  
Household Products Database related to health effects

  • Health Information for Professionals (ClinicalTrial Search Example: type HIV)

  • Health Information for Patients

  • Medical Encyclopedia (Browse by alphabetical sorting)
A-Ag Ah-Ap Aq-Az B-Bk Bl-Bz C-Cg Ch-Co
Cp-Cz D-Di Dj-Dz E-Ep Eq-Ez F G
H-Hf Hg-Hz I-In Io-Iz J K L-Ln
Lo-Lz M-Mf Mg-Mz N O P-Pl Pm-Pz
Q R S-Sh Si-Sp Sq-Sz T-Tn To-Tz
U V W X Y Z 0-9


Submission for Linkage! (Relevant Links Received by MWSearch)  

Drug Information and New Drugs Approved by FDA

FDA CEDR provides a listing of newly approved or tentatively approved drugs as an interim page intended to provide timely information on new drug products while a more comprehensive page is developed.  This listing is sorted by product name.  When the drug approval or tentative approval letter, labeling text or review are available. A hyperlink posting date will take you to the source document. Use the linked page to search the new drug by alphabetical index. Click for New Drugs Approved (1998-2003) 

MedlinePlus Drug Information Serach by Alphabetical Order Click Here

Internet Drug Index: Top 200 Prescription Drugs Listed by Alphabetical Order (RxList) RXList has done a good job in linking these drugs each to a description page. The following search boxes provide you a quick search on RXList drug database. If your browser encounter some script errors, you may ignore them and still get the search results.

Search The RxList Drug Database:
'Fuzzy' search for a generic or brand name drug.(Type in the box and search)


  RxList-ID Imprint Code Identification
Search through our Drug ID database for an Imprint Code. For best results, include asterisk * (examples: *4154*, *mox*, Lilly*, place cursor infront of * and type in search item):
  RxList - NDC Code Search
Search through our NDC code file for a drug description, manufacturer or NDC code. For best results, include asterisk * (examples: *000300*, mox*, *Lilly*, place cursor in front of * and type in search item):

For Example, Search VIOXX You get

Generic name rofecoxib and Drug Class: NONSTEROIDAL ANTIINFLAMMATORY AGENTS / SPECIFIC COX-2 INHIBITORS (Note: Removed from market 9/04)

Topical Information! (Compiled by MWSearch)  

New England Journal of Medicine (N Engl J Med 2003;348:2508-16) Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly Dr. Joe Varghese et. al.

  • A common cause for admission to the hospital, community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a serious, growing health problem in the United States. It has an incidence estimated at 5.6 million cases annually. Approximately 1.7 million hospitalizations for CAP are reported each year at an annual cost of about $23 billion. The elderly consume the majority of these expenses.............Detailed information  Click here ...  

  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (see references below)
    Introduction and Statistics on SARS

Information Compiled by CDC on SARS
CDC Director's report on SARS
Nelson Lee et al (14 authors case study of Hong Kong Outbreak of SARS
A Novel Coronavirus Associated with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, T.G. Ksiazek and Others
Identification of a Novel Coronavirus in Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, C. Drosten and Others 

Search for Global Health News

News Retrieval System

search for news

Web Headline News Search

  • You may browse the web headline news 

Headline News on the Web via WebPro Wire

Web Health Message Boards

          (Click here to Yahoo Health and replace in the search box at the bottom of the page, for example, colon cancer by the subject you like to search for posted messages; just click Next Search)

Medical News Flash& Breakthroughs 

The following are selected news flash examples by Ivanhoe

United States Health Care

Powerful Search Tools

MWSearch Search Engine (Go to the top of the Page)

  • Enter plain English - Medical World Search will automatically recognize terms from its thesaurus in your entry and hyperlink them in the page with the search results (to go to this page, click on "Get It" above). You can view the thesaurus through these hyperlinks.

  • Medical World Search does not yet support "double quotes" and arbitrary phrase searching. But if a phrase is in Medical World Search's thesaurus, you can search for it as a phrase.

  • To get good query results, it is important to enter search terms that are in Medical World Search's thesaurus. For instance, "cardiac rehabilitation" is in, but not "cardiac rehab". Also, "Crohn's disease" is in, but not "Crohn's". You can search for terms in the thesaurus by first going to the search results page (click on "Get It" above) then to the "Modify Query" button then the "Add Thesaurus Terms" button.

  • Select the expansion terms from different query and search iteratively to find difficult to obtain medical information.

  • Send your intelligently constructed search query to any health databases listed on the pull-down menu 

  • Boolean operators (AND, OR) can be added through the "Boolean query" button in the search results page (first enter your search and click on "Get It" above). 

Search Medical Acronym

Medical Codes

ICD-9 and ICD-10 Medical Diagnosis Codes

International Classification of Diseases

ICD-9 Codes

HealthCyberMap Resource Index Using ICD-9-CM Top-Level Categories

Advanced Keyword Search

(001-139) Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
(140-239) Neoplasms
(240-259) Endocrine Diseases
(260-279) Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases and Immunity Disorders
(280-289) Diseases of the Blood and Blood-forming Organs
(290-319) Mental Disorders
(320-389) Diseases of the Nervous System and Sense Organs
(390-459) Diseases of the Circulatory System
(460-519) Diseases of the Respiratory System
(520-579) Diseases of the Digestive System
(580-599) Diseases of the Urinary System
(600-629) Diseases of the Reproductive System
(630-676) Complications of Pregnancy, Child Birth, and the Puerperium 
(680-709) Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue
(710-739) Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue
(740-759) Congenital Abnormalities
(760-779) Certain Conditions Originating in the Perinatal Period
(780-799) Symptoms, Signs and Ill-defined Conditions
(800-999) Injury and Poisoning
V Codes Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services, e.g., Vaccinations
E Codes External Causes of Injury and Poisoning

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, descriptions and other ... Physicians Market Data

  • You may use Pharma Lexiocn/Acronym Search to find or verify pharmaceutical terms.  Click the link here. The search box will give you direct search results or lead to the host search box to get your search results. A few interfaces are given below for saving you time to find your search results.

Search By Abbreviation  (FDA,CJD..)
Search For
Medical Abbreviations
Scientific Articles



Pharma Acronym & Abbreviation Search
Search For:
Have this search engine on your website

Check Medical Spelling

  • Use spellex to verify the spelling of the medical terms you are not sure

        Enter word to spell check :

Click here for helpful hints on looking up words.

Enter word to spell check:

Spellex Medical and Spellex Pharmaceutical
Online Spelling Verification

        Click here for helpful hints on looking up words. Click try it to enter a word for spellcheck.

        Courtesy of Spellex Development

Search Medical Books

The adam Health Illustrated Encyclopedia contains over 4000 articles you can search by alphabetical order

In Association with

Search for A Doctor

  • Medical Directories 
  • Health Organizations
  • Search for A Doctor by is provided for you as a search tool. MWSearch does not endorse any specific doctor listed in the search database. The search database does contain some information about the doctor listed. However, MWSearch has not performed any validation of the accuracy of such information. Searchers are encouraged to use other sources to verify your findings.   
  • i800 for Health Industry Directory ClickCall Service listing over 2000 
  •  Consumer reports (Some detailed reports require a fee)

Search with Wireless Interface

References & Resources

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Search Clinical Trials  


Example: heart attack, Los Angeles

Example of Search Result for Aplastic Anemia

Focused Search - search by disease, location, treatment, sponsor..

MWSearch links the following search tool on Diagnosis

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