School Tax Issues

Find Equitable Taxation To Support Public Schools

Fundamental Principles for Fair Taxation for Every One

Property Tax?

Wrong Attitudes That Lead To Problems in Taxation

Equitable, Fair Return on Investment, Spend within Means

Sales Tax?

Entitlement, Gain on Other's Pain (Only My Constituents Gain), Budget Always Go Up

Accountability, Need Basis Not Want Basis,  Humanity

Income Tax? Others?

Want the Best for Me, Short-sighted View, Buy Votes, Apathy

Think Advantages Versus Disadvantages
  • Property Tax: Property Value Correlates with School Value, A More Stable Tax Base, Property Assessment Not Uniform from District to District and from Time to Time, Driving Senior Citizens out of District, More Local Control on Tax Rate and Expenditure Except in Dealing with Federal and State Mandates
  • Sales Tax: Simple in Collection but Difficult to Figure out Equitable Distribution, Less Equitable (Higher Income People Pay Less), Disturbing Local Commerce, Interstate and Internet Commerce Sales Tax Collection and Distribution Problem, Non-Uniform Sales Tax Across Districts and Subject To Economy Fluctuation
  • Income Tax: Can Be Equitable If Income Tax Loop Holes Are Eliminated (Complex Problem), State Control of Revenue and Distribution (Less Local Influence), More Political Issues Like Current State Aid Faces 

Collect Citizens Input, Deliberate Then Find A Solution

  • The Above Are Just Examples for Consideration, More Serious Inputs Must Be Collected

  • The School Tax Problem Is Complex, There Is No Simple and Quick Fixes

  • Many Problems Are Caused by the Wrong Attitudes/Practices & Poor Legislations in the Past

  • It's Time To Do An Overhaul Based on Fundamental Principles (Correct All Related Laws)

  • Rather Than Making More Band-Aids and Patches, Legislate Fundamental Laws to Peel Off Bad and Antiquated Laws

Examples for Citizens and Legislators To Ponder

  • Peel Off Rebates and Develop Equitable Tax Law To Support Public Schools As Investment To Yield Dividend

  • For Example, Lower Tax Rate for Businesses Providing Jobs or Training to Local Community Students (Employees)

  • For Example, Lower Tax Rate for Families with Children Employed in  NYS and/or Study in New York Colleges

  • Provide Public School Education As Services Not As Entitlement To Rein in Run-Away Cost

  • For Example, Higher Tax Rate for Family (Property) with Children Not Performing (Left Behind, Not Graduating)

  • For Example, More Rigorous Rules on Special Needs (As More Costly Service But Not As Entitlement)

  • For Example, Provide More Financial Aid on Financial Need Basis (Based on Income Level)

  • Tie Pay Scale and Benefits to Performance and Provide Incentives for High Performing Teachers

  • For Example, Raises and Bonuses for Teachers Produced Classes with High Test Scores

  • For Example, Bonuses for Teachers Produced Students Who Won Scholarships

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