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Consequences of Property Tax Cap

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Examine The Positive Effects and Negative Effects Then Voice Your Opinion and Take Action!   

Positive Effects

Negative Effects

Immediate Control on Tax Increases

Immediate Short Fall in Revenue Causing Drastic Pain for Some Districts

Influence On Budget Proposal Process

Uncertainty and Instability for Some School Districts

Prompt Actions in Alternative Revenues for Schools

Inequality More Heightened Since Simple Cap Does Not Solve Inequality Issue

More Prudent Measures in School Systems (Curbing Expenses)

Cutting Programs and Services

Mandates May Get Re-Evaluated

Effects of Mandates Torpedoed

Tax Certiorari May Be Reduced

Tax Certiorari May Be Increased

Better Chance to Begin Zero Base Budgeting

More Lobbying Actions by Affected Parties

Legislators Send/Receive A Signal on Tax Reform

More Bickering About Other Revenue Distribution (State Aid)

Message to Unions/members

Reaction from Unions/Members

More Public Debate on Funding Mechanisms

Burst of Migration of Families across School Districts

Senior Citizens Have Better Projection of Taxes

Senior Citizen Tax Relief Uncertain (STAR)

Helping Housing Market

Long Term Effect on Public Education Quality

Enrollment in Private School May Increase

Disparity in School Districts May Be Worse

High Income District Not Seriously Affected Based on Percentage cap)

Low Income/small Districts Seriously Affected (Based on Percentage Cap)



There Will Be Lots of Debate Before May 2008, The Governor's Commission Makes A Recommendation

See Sample Press Articles collected at

School officials question Spitzer's tax cap plan (1/15/08)

Report: The problems with property tax revenue caps (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)(1/15/08)

Assemblyman: We need property tax cap and we need it now (Legislative Gazette)(1/15/08)

Is Capping Property Tax A Solution To the Problems? 

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