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Ifay Chang, Ph. D.

Examining The School Property Tax Issues under "Causality Principal"

Beware of Bi-Directional Causality Principal - Facts Can Be Causes or Effects

Given A Fact, Find Out What Causes The Fact and What Effects The Fact Can Cause

Don't Let The Politicians Confuse You!   

Are These Facts Causes for Higher Taxes

Are These Fact Effects of Property Taxes

Impractical Educational Law

Disparity in School Quality

Benefits and Entitlements

Tax Certiorari

Inflation in Economy

Disparity in Housing Supply

Federal Mandates

Better Autonomous School Management

State Mandates

Free Selection of School System

Tax Certiorari

Protection of School and Property Values


Unfair to Property Owner without Children

Tenure System

Skewed State Aid and Federal Aid

High Salary

Unbearable Burden to Senior Citizens Property Owners


Migration of Seniors Away from Their Roots and Families

Waste of Funds

Unfair Burden to Community Small Businesses

Retirement Benefits

Separation of School Personnel from Local Communities

Health Care Benefits

Continuous Increase of School Budgets

High Property Values

Better Schools Draw Higher Income Families

No Child Left Behind

Inefficient Operation and Sharing of Services Between School Districts

Parents Demand of Better Education

Eventual Bankruptcy of US Public School Systems



This Table Is A Smorgasbord of Food for Thought which You Can More Items

Can Any Other Taxing System Do A Better Job?

If Not, Is Capping Property Tax A Solution To the Problems? 

Can Property Tax Cap Be A Cause To Produce Positive Effects or Negative Effects?

What Is Your Opinion?

Have You Thought About It?

Remember Causality Principal?

A Cause Will Always Produce An Effect! 

Any Effect Must Have A Cause!


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