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What Is Causality Principle?

A simple answer is

Any Effect Must Have A Cause


A Cause Will Always Produce An Effect 



Heat (Physical Example)

Temperature Rise (Physical Example)

Torrential Rain (Physical Example)

Flood (Physical Example)

More Families

More Children

More Children

Bigger Schools More Teachers More Staff

More Teachers

More Salary and Benefits Expenses Higher Quality Education*

More Staff

Safer and Better School More Bureaucracy*

Bigger Schools

More Space More Capital Expense More Maintenance Cost

More Residential Properties

More Families More Property Taxes*

(More Families)**

(More Residential Properties)**

More Commercial Properties

More Sales Tax More Property Taxes More Traffic More Town Services

More Property Values

More Property Taxes Less Equitable Taxes*

More Property Taxes

Better Schools* Better Education*

(Better Education) **

(More Property Taxes)**

Higher Salary

Better Teachers* Better Staff*

(Better Teachers Better Staff)**

(Higher Salary)**

More Laws

More Benefits and Entitlements More Mandates Better Education*

More Tax Increases

Less Happy Citizens Better Schools*

Cap Property Tax

Limited Budget Growth* Worse Education*



*  The Terms Marked with An Asterisk Are Conclusions Bearing Some Risk! They Deserve Further Analysis!!

** Beware of the Bi-Directional Causality Principle!

Causality Principle Governs Physical Phenomena Fairly Rigorously

Causality Principal Can Apply to Social Economical Affairs

Examining School Tax Issue under Causality Principal Can Be Beneficial

What Is Your Opinion?

Do You Understand the Causes of High School Tax?

Can Equitable Taxes Be Achieved under Causality Principle ?

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