Performing Arts


The Experimental High School Affiliated with BNU**

Hosted by

Somers Central School District


Master of Ceremony

Opening Remarks by Host School Administration (Superintendant Dr. Joanne Marien)

Introduction (Dr. Ifay Chang, Trustee of SCSD School Board)

Brief Speeches by Dignitaries - Proclamation                                          (~ 10 minutes)


The Experimental High School (SDSZ) Affiliated with BNU

The Art Group US Tour of Year 2010

Program (~60 min)

SDSZ Opening Remarks (~3 min):

Ms. Wenzhi Yang, Depute Head of the School and the Leader of the Group.

Master of Ceremony:  Miss Zhu Tong, 11th Grade Student

with Co-Master of Ceremony: SCSD Student


1.       Group Dance Exultant Northwestern Girls (~6 min)

Dancers: Yang Zixin, Jiang Zhanyao, Yu Wandi etc, 18 dancers.

Choreographer: Ms. Liu Jia (Teacher)

Synopsis: The First Place and Best Choreography Winner in Beijing Municipal Student Art Festival.  Naive and lively northwestern girls, the life dance of the Chinese charm, a picturesque scroll of children’s happy life. Red lanterns, smiling faces, exultant dancing, celebrating Chinese New Year…

2.       Chinese instrument - Guqin solo (~3 min)

            Lyrics of Autumn Wind              Endless Lovesickness

            Player: Yang Youzhi

            Synopsis: Expressing people’s emotion of  lovesickness and separation

3.       Chorus (9 min)

            1. Jasmine Flower       2. Swing the Sun   3. Edelweiss (in English)

Singers: Li Chunyu, Ma Yangyi, Liu Shiyu with 56 singers.

Conductor: Mr. Jin Yi (Teacher)

Synopsis: Jasmine Flower describes the beauty of spring time, which is epitomized by the blossom of jasmine flowers, an admiringly lovable piece; Swing the Sun expresses young people’ enthusiasm towards a happy life and their wishful expectations of the future and  Edelweiss is a song from Sound of Music.

4.       Group Dance Dancing to Chanting (~5 min)

Dancers: Wang Runmeng, Zhao Ziyi, Jiang Qijun with 12 dancers.

Choreographer: Ms. Liu Jia (Teacher)

Synopsis: First Place and Best Choreography Winner in Beijing Municipal Student Art Festival. Waving purple sleeves, smoothing music, like the flowing clouds, falling snows; graceful and elegant dancing, completely showing the classical Chinese verve, as thought the fairy in the heaven.

5.       Chinese Instruments, Yangqin Ensemble: Beautiful Africa (~5 min)

Performers: Zhao Yixuan, Li Xin’an

Synopsis: It Describes beautiful scenery and fascinating culture in Africa, an impressive spectacle of people’s dancing and singing, passionately and exultantly.

6.       Beijing Opera The Drunken Queen (~4 min)

Performer: Ma Yangyi

Synopsis: the opera shows the drunken Queen’s complicated emotion of expectation, disappointment, loneliness, and resentment.

7.       Chinese Bamboo Flute Solo Joyful Encounter (~3 min)

Performer: Zhao Yangzhi

Synopsis: all the dearest and nearest bid farewell reluctantly and reunite after a long separation.

8.       Piano Solo Happy Verbiage      Tom and Jerry  (~6 min)

            Player: Xie Qianyi

9.       Group Dance Dance of Ethnic Minority--Hani (~6 min)

Dancers: Wang Yinqi, Liu Yi, Liu Fei with 18 dancers.

Choreographer:  Ms. Liu Jia (Teacher)

Synopsis: The First Place Winner in the Beijing Municipal and Xicheng District Student Art Festival.  Hani, an ancient ethnic group of China. At the festival, Young ladies wearing wooden shoes, dance with grace and lightness, expressing their merry mood and emotion.

10.   Chorus (~9 min) 

            1. Cloudy Day     2. Wonderful Day     3. Auld Lang Syne (in English)

            Singers: Zhao Yuchang, Zhang Mengtian, Feng Jiayue etc, 56 singers.

            Conductor: Mr. Liang Le (Teacher)

Synopsis: Cloudy Day depicts pastoral life and scenery; Wonderful Day depicts   people’s prosperous lives and shows that people are radiant with happiness and

             Auld Lang Syne signifies everlasting friendship.

Curtain Bow (All Performers); Thanks and Happy Year of the Tiger! (~4 min)

**The Experimental High School Affiliated with Beijing Normal University (SDSZ), founded in 1917. Since its establishment, the school has consistently enjoyed a high reputation throughout the country, and its art education is ranking the top among the schools in China.


Post Performance Ceremony (~5 min)

Presentation of Commemorative Plaque from Host to SDSZ Performing Group

Conclusion of Program



Introduction on

The Experimental High School (SDSZ) Affiliated with Beijing Normal University.


Beijing Normal University is a well known Teacher's University where they produce the best teachers to serve in K-12 schools in China. SDSZ is called an 6-12 experimental school affiliated with BNU, experimental in the sense of offering the University an internship environment and observatory as well as for the purpose of setting examples for education reform in China. Founded in 1917 but acquired great reputation in recent decades particularly since the Chinese government placed education reform as a national priority. Now SDSZ is one of the best high schools and middle schools in China with many past graduates turn out to be great achievers and with many current graduates sought after by universities, some now attending Columbia,  Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cambridge....    


SDSZ Students Art Performing Groups won many national awards and international recognition in dance, chorus and music instruments. Their Chorus Group performed at the 2008 Olympic Opening receiving high praise. A few photos of their art performance can be found on the Internet. Http://


SDSZ's Art Group US Tour of Year 2010 brings a unique cultural exchange experience for their students and their hosting schools. Somers Central School District is fortunate and honored to be the US East Coast host to their tour. They will be visiting SCSD schools on January 29th and will perform to the Public that evening at 7PM, Somers Middle School Auditorium on Route 202. The auditorium capacity is limited, it is best to make reservation to assure admission. Watch for email and website announcements.