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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - SARS

What is SARS? 

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is caused by an unknown virus, most likely a new species similar to coronavirus which causes common cold. SARS has been discovered in 17 countries with more than 1800 cases. many hundreds have died from the disease which is rapidly becoming epidemic. Most cases were discovered in Honk Kong and Southern China. Out of desperation, the Hong Kong Health authority and physicians are treating patients with a cocktail of powerful antiviral drug and steroids. SARS causes inflammation in the lung making breathing difficult. Steroids help fight the inflammation but they can also weaken the body's immune system. China health authority is cooperating with UN and other nations in sharing data and allowing investigation teams to visit the area where the first outbreak occurred. 

What is the US Official Statement?

Ms Julie Gerberding, Director of the Center of Disease Control (CDC) has published a short  paper through the New England Journal of Medicine which can be viewed by logging into MWSearch. On March 24th, 2003, scientists at CDC and in Hong Kong have announced that a new coronavirus has been isolated from patients owith SARS. However, coronavirus has not been proven to be the cause of SARS. The collaboration of many health and medical institutions are fast and information are shared through a secured web site but the disease is spreading rapidly. Hence, the scientists must work even faster to come up with answers then perhaps cure or prevention of the disease. The WHO, CDC and national and local health agencies across the globe are disseminating up-to-the minute information to the clinicians, health organizations, public health officials, health case workers, travelers and many affected parties. Naturally, one should take precaution and seek the advice from one's doctor. 


The rapid spread of SARS presents a global challenge to us. (see cases and death reported in reference 5)  It also signifies that as a citizen of the global village, everyone is vulnerable to epidemic diseases. The cooperation of all national and global health organizations is paramount in finding the answer, the treatment and the effective prevention methods to SARS. We hope that solutions will be found soon. In the following, we are providing a number of relevant references for those who are interested in getting more knowledge about SARS related viral diseases.


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Written by Ifay Chang, Ph.D. on April 3rd, 2003

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