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Online Shopping Advice, Reviews and Tips (ART)

ART of Online Shopping

Advice To Online Shoppers and Merchants

This chapter contains general advice about online shopping. Click here to access the chapter and the references included.

Reviews By Online Shoppers and Experts 

This chapter contains reviews and comments about online shopping. Click here to access the chapter and the references included.


          Click Word of Mouth to access the comments offered by MWS Online Shopping Mart shoppers.


TIPS for Online Shoppers


General Tips on Avoiding Fraud, be extremely cautious if 

Resources for checking out international Internet fraud: 

Better Business Bureau (U.S. and Canada): 

Federal Trade Commission (U.S.): 

National Fraud Information Center (U.S.): 
Competition Bureau, Industry Canada: 
Ontario Provincial Police PhoneBusters: 
RCMP Latest Scams: 


General Tips for Online Shopping on Shopping Manners

Tips for Online Shopping on Savings


1. Do your homework (read third party reviews and comments)
2. Bookmark online savings Web sites (especially large shopping mart offering discounts and sales)
3. Remember using promotional codes, a popular and easy way to save (sometimes they are explicitly stated) 
4. Let your personal information work for you (offer them only to desired merchants) 

5. Become a seasonal shopper (join as a member to a large shopping site)

6. Be aware of where you compare (third party organized shopping site tend to have unbiased comparison information)

7. Avoid shipping and return policy frustration by understanding them before purchase

8. Keep records of all your online transactions to know how much you have spent and to resolve dispute if occurred

9. Search for discount and rebate coupons offered (large shopping sites tend to have more competitive offers)


Tips for Online Shopping on Process


* Be knowledgeable about web-based shopping sites (build confidence and trust in shopping site)
* Always double check pricing (compare with similar stores or merchants) 
* Review the return, refund, and shipping and handling policies, contact info and other legal terms 
* Check that security software is used to protect your Internet connection.
* Use the safest way to pay on the Internet -- via credit card (avoid cash deals)
* Print out a copy of the invoice, terms and conditions of the transactions.
* Insure the safe delivery of your item if it is valuable
* Review any confirmation email about the purchase (validate the correct purchase)

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