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Online Shopping Advice, Reviews and Tips (ART)

ART of Online Shopping

Advice To Online Shoppers and Merchants

This chapter contains general advice about online shopping. Click here to access the chapter and the references included.

Reviews By Online Shoppers and Experts 


Shopping on the Internet (A Canadian review article about e-commerce)


Whether you're a novice or seasoned on-line shopper, there are some things that you likely take for granted at your local stores that concern you when shopping on-line. How do you know you're dealing with a reputable merchant? Do you have enough product information to make a decision to buy, especially when you can't touch or sample the product? How do you actually buy something on the Internet and what do you do if something goes wrong? How can you ensure that your personal and financial information is private and secure? This booklet provides you with some tips so you can shop on-line with confidence!.........

For more information on electronic commerce and consumer protection, visit the following sites:

For information on a number of consumer issues, visit the Office of Consumer Affairs Web site (

George E. Patake and May M. Chao (A brochure for online shopping, in pdf format)


A brochure developed by New York State, Governor George E. Pataki and Chairperson and Executive Director of New York State Consumer protection Board, May M. Chao  


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TIPS for Online Shoppers

This chapter contains tips for online shopping. Click here to access the chapter and its references.

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