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ART of Online Shopping

Shopping is a necessity whether you enjoy it or not. Daily shopping can be a chore but it could also be a pleasure if one developed a routine that could get you what you wanted with significant savings. On the other hand, occasional shopping such as shopping for a present or special item may be a joy, but if one could not find the merchandise one would like to purchase, the shopping experience might also be very stressful. When one shops at a store, encountering with a pleasant and knowledgeable salesperson can make one's shopping experience enjoyable. Unfortunately, the general quality of salesmanship in retail stores in today's environment is deteriorating. Due to the high labor costs, most stores could not afford adequate sales support. The ones do maintain an adequate sales staff sometimes intimidate certain shoppers who either dislike high pressure salespersons or view salespersons as added overhead to the price of merchandise.        


Online shopping is a new culture and it is an inevitable activity in view of the busy schedules everyone keeps. Whether for a homemaker or for a career person, time has become the most valuable commodity. For young or senior shoppers, transportation (and ultimately time) often is the biggest deterrent to physically going out shopping. Therefore, online shopping has filled a need. It is no wonder that the annual growth of online shopping is increasing at an impressive rate at the expense of shopping malls. As a new culture propelled by Internet and technological and social changes, online shopping is still unfamiliar to the majority of shoppers. In this article and spaces allotted to it, we shall offer some objective ADVICE about online shopping. We will also present some REVIEWS about online shopping experiences. Specifically, a Word of Mouth forum will be maintained for MWS Online Shopping Mart shoppers to voice their comments. In addition, we have investigated and collected a number of online shopping TIPS for both shoppers and merchants. These expert opinions can be very useful for merchants to improve their shopping sites and for shoppers to avoid mistakes and to enjoy their online shopping experiences.


Not every shopper has the same shopping 'Philosophy'. Some value the convenience of shopping online (let the mouse do the shopping). Some treasure the easy comparison shopping available online (online shopping mart can easily provide objective comparisons). Some enjoy the bargain hunting to get the lowest price for a merchandise (getting highest satisfaction with the lowest price). Some develop a favorite set of online shopping stores (suggest your favorite stores to the MWS Online Shopping Mart). Some like to browse the best offers from the merchants (MWS Online Shopping Mart updates sales, discounts and special offers nearly daily). Some read the reviews and comments before purchasing (Nearly real-time reviews and feedbacks are maintained online). Some love to offer their opinions and critic (free speech is mostly honored online). Some welcome the additional discount or rebate offered by MWS Online Shopping Mart (MWSearch offers a rebate to its members). Some just believe a third party's objective presentation of goods is the best if no overhead is added to the price (Shopping through MWS Shopping Mart gives shoppers the same price as shoppers go direct).  


In the following we present three chapters: ADVICE, REVIEWS and TIPS (ART of Online Shopping). Please be aware that the MWS Online Shopping Mart is created to promote online shopping. We offer the MWS Shopping Mart for merchants to make available their best products and services at their best prices. We offer the MWS Online Shopping Mart to shoppers to enjoy their online shopping under whatever online shopping 'philosophy' they may have. Shoppers and merchants are encouraged to write to to voice their opinions to improve MWS Online Shopping Mart to be the best online shopping site. Your active participation will sustain MWS Online Shopping Mart and its values. These values will continue to serve you so long you shop through MWS Online Shopping Mart!.  

Advice To Online Shoppers

This chapter contains general advice about online shopping. Click here to access the chapter and the references included.

Reviews By Online Shoppers and Experts 

This chapter contains reviews and comments about online shopping. Click here to access the chapter and the references included.


  • Word of Mouth

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TIPS for Online Shoppers

This chapter contains tips for online shopping. Click here to access the chapter and its references.

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