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Online Shopping Advice, Reviews and Tips (ART)

ART of Online Shopping


Advice To Online Shoppers and Merchants


What Are the Advantages of Online Shopping (versus Shopping at a Physical Store)?

Convenience, no pressure shopping, savings in time, consistency between advertised price and site price, no driving and parking, sometimes no cost delivery even to third party receiver, information on product comparison easily available, sometimes price comparison available online, third party shopping sites keeping merchants competitive hence offering the best products and prices, 24/7 shopping, ease in merchandise cancellation or return, sometimes tracking of  shipping available, large online shopping site offering store comparison and sometimes no taxes.


What Are the Disadvantages of Online Shopping (versus Shopping at a Physical Store)?

Lack of touch and feel of merchandise, lack of personal attention from a salesman (*MWS Online Shopping Mart offers ClickCall service to talk to a sales representative which may be a necessity for online shopping), not able to try the merchandise on (especially clothing), lack of close quality examination (physically visiting different stores and examine the same product is assuring but costly in time), more chances to encounter fraud (disappearance of shopping site), more chances for mistakes in ordering the wrong item, slightly higher exposure of credit card security (*This is a controversial point since using CVV2 code with credit card, can be more secure or less chance of fraud.) Verification of credit card owner less rigorous (physically one can ask for other identifications).


Advice to the Online Merchants

Advice to the Online Shoppers

Value of Third Party Online Shopping Site

Reviews By Online Shoppers and Experts 

This chapter contains reviews and comments about online shopping. Click here to access the chapter and the references included.


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TIPS for Online Shoppers

This chapter contains tips for online shopping. Click here to access the chapter and its references.

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