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Personal Publications


Pedagogy for Mandarin Teaching with Cablecast Facility, 2010 International TCSL Conference on Innovative Teaching Methodology, March 27, 2010 (Slides) (Full Paper)     (YouTube 7 minutes Part 1)     (YouTube 7 MINUTES PART 2)

Global Barter Stimulus Program, Janurary 26, 2009

大學成功之道  and NCKUs Road to Success (成功大學之道)  Original Papers 2008

Published on NCKU Alumni Association Website,  November, 2008

Paper one

Paper two

American Chinese Language School Association Annual Convention Presentation and Full Paper, 5/27-28/2006 Chinese Abstract

Common Language of Chinese People, Essay in Chinese, published in World Journal (2005), other paper and CKUAAGNY newsletter (2006) and , NCKUAA Articles (1990-2006) Chinese Poems and Dui-Lien by Ifay Chang, 1988

Outopians (Fiction, 2007) 

Book Publication, Passport To Scrammble Land, TLCIS Press, ISBN 0-9771594-0-X, December 2005,

CD and Wbsite Developed to Assist Downtown Businesses After September 11,, 2002

Blue Golf Ball for Christmas (Fiction, 2002)

Book: All Chips Are Down, English Novel (pp250), Private Publication, 1994 

Challenges of Higher Education in 21st Century 5-10-98.ppt, in 21st Century 5-18-98.ppt Full Paper is also listed under professional Publication (Invited Speech at Chinese Culture University)

Papers and Research Related to On-line Learning, Distanceless Learning and Virtual School ( Internet Cyberspace Assisted Responsive Education 1996-)

有關 Cyberspace Assisted Responsive Education and Experience of its Implementation 的學術文章


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Essay Papers Related to Health (1999-2005):


Teaching Materials for Chinese Language School and Public Elementary School (Volunteer Work)


Chinese Chess,

Chinese Culture, 12th Grade Lecture on Chinese Culture

Chinese Language,

Science Class, Somers Intermediate School, Voluntary Teaching, Chemistry experiments 


Professional Patents and Publications


IFC US Patents Issued (Duplicated International Patents Omitted)

I.F. Chang, U.S. Patent TBD, Method and System for Establishing A Voice Communication Solution for Business Transaction and Commerce Applications, granted November 16, 2009

I.F. Chang, U.S. Patent 7,325,029, Methods for Enabling E-Commerce Voice Communication, issued January 29, 2008 U.S. Patent 7,325,029, Methods for Enabling E-Commerce Voice Communication, issued January 29, 2008

I.F. Chang, U.S. Patent 7065070, Method and System for Establishing A Voice Communication Service for Business Transaction and Commerce Application, issued June 20, 2006 US Patent 7,065,070, Method and System for Establishing A Voice Communication Service for Business Transactions and Commerce Applications, 6/20/2006  PatentReport:

I.F. Chang et al, Cathodoluminescent Garnet Lamp, US Patent 4,792,728, December 20, 1988

I.F. Chang and Gene Gordon, US Patent 4,767,192, Light Activated Light Valve with Silicon Control Element, Issued 9/30/88

I.F. Chang and Chengjun Chen, Touch-Screen Input Device Using the Monitor as a Light Source Operating at an Intermediate Frequency, filed with US, Taiwan, Japan Patent Offices, U.S. 4703316, October 27, 1987
I.F. Chang, Full Word Coding for Information Processing, US Patent 4,500,955, 1985, European Patent 82111125-9
I.F. Chang, Flat Storage CRT and Projection Display, US Patent 4,491,762, 1985
J.M. Brownlow and I.F. Chang, Improved Zinc Silicate Phosphor Particles and Method for Making Them, US Patent, 4,440,831, 1984, European Patent 82103985-6, 1982
I.F. Chang, Multistable Cathode Ray Tube Storage Display Device, US Patent 4,149,108, 1977
I.F. Chang Multcolor Display Device Using EL Phosphor Screen with Internal Memory and High Resolution, US Patent 4,155,030, 1979 
I.F. Chang and W.B. Pennebaker, Electroluminescent Storage Display, US Pat 3, 796, 909, 1974
U.S. Patent 4,231,892, Manganese Doped Zinc Silicate Luminescent Phosphors with III-V Oxide Substitutions, Issued Nov. 4, 1980
US Patent 3,813,554, An Addressable Photochromic Memory Display Device
IBM Invention Disclosure YO889-0709, FormPlus-A Form Authoring Toolkit, filed, 1989  

Amber Phosphor with Long Persistence, Patent Filing, 1982

Flat Storage CRT and Projection Display, Patent Filling 1982

Recent Patent Filings and Pending

U.S. Application 12/124,401, Communication Enabled Active Lock System, May 20, 2008

U.S. Application 11/933,207, Enabling E-Commerce,  October 31, 2007

U.S. Patent 7065070, Method and System for Establishing A Voice Communication Service for Business Transaction and Commerce Application, issued 6/20/2006

US 60/219,601 Method and System for Establishing A Voice Communication Solution for Business Transaction and Commerce Application, 7/21/2000
US 09922609, 08/06/2000 Communication Appliances for Accessing Internet, E-Mail, Paging, Voice Mail, Phones and Faxes
US 09634264, 08/08/2000 E-Commerce Voice Communication Server and Program Product
US 09934139, 08/08/2000 Method for Enabling E-Commerce Voice Communication
US 10270432, 10/10/2002 Method and System for Establishing an Effective Global Interactive Marketing and Advertising Media
US 10287008, 11/04/2002 Method and System for managing Directories of Interactive Marketing, Sales and Communication Information
US 10331092, 12/26/2002 Word Scramble Games for Stimulating Brain and Physical Health


Essay Papers Related to Health (1999-2005): See Personal Publications

E-Commerce - From Theory to Practice, 2005 CKUAAGNY Internet Expo: Invited keynote, Conference, December 3, 2005 (Invited)

Magic Marketing and Value Marketing, 2003 (Concept Created and Web Developed by IFC)   

White Paper on Internet, E-Commerce, VoIP, Mi-Card and E800 Directory, 2001  

Web-based Tools for On-line learning, ASCUE Conference 1999, file name ascue99_5 Full Paper not online yet

Challenges of Higher Education in the 21st Century ,Prof. Ifay F. Chang, Dean, Westchester Graduate Center Polytechnic University, Invited keynote Speech at Chinese Cultural University, 1998, (Invited)
Challenges to Engineering Education in the 21st Century. GISSIC98 Proceedings, Oct. 1998 Power Point Presentation at Chinese Culture University celebrating Engineering Week file name, Challenges in 21st Century 5-10-98.ppt (Invited) 

Cyberspace Assisted Responsive Education and Experience of its Implementation,
Association for Small Computer Users of Education (ASCUE), presentation 6/1998, full paper file name ascue98

White Paper on the Future of Westchester Graduate Center, 1998 Report, file name, whitepaper3498

Life Long Learning System Development, Institute for Information Industry Joint Project, Final Report (III), 1998
Sloan Foundation Grant for the development of two new media technology and management courses for the new media industry, 1998, Interactive Courses (PP700)
Advanced Internet Technology Research Program, Industry Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Research Grant, Final Report, 1997
Academic Applications for Internet2 and Their Impact to Telecommunications, Industry GISSIC97 proceedings, Oct., 20-23, 1997, PTC 98
Killer Application for Internet1, 10-15-1997 (3.4MB) Invited Speech


IFC Publication List as of 1997 (compiled in 9/1997)

(Computer Application Solution/Software)

Cyberspace Assisted Responsive Education Implemented on the Open Platform - Internet, GISSIC96, 10/96, ICEE Convention, August 13-15, 1997, Proceedings, pp.741-748

Award for Most Significant Advancement in Research in Field of Distance Learning, Presented by the USIDL and the IDLCON Conference, I-CARE, March 24-26, 1997, Wash D.C.

Cyberspace Assisted Responsive Education Implemented on the Internet (I-CARE). ALN Magazine, Volume 1, Issue1-March 1997
Network-Centric, Group-Centric, & Human-Centric Information Processing Systems, I-COIN11 Convention, Jan. 27-29, 1997, Proceedings, pp.2D-4.1-2D4.10
Open Platform Group-Centric & Network-Centric Information Processing Systems, IDPT Conference, vol.2, pp31-36, Austin, Texas, Dec. 1-4, 1996

I-CARE, an Internet Cyberspace Responsive Education System, Symposium: Building an Education Experience Through Applications of Computer-Based Technologies, University of Wisconsin, Nov. 21-22, 1996

Intelligent Search Engine Award for Best Website, Medical World Search, November, 1996
An Internet Realtime Conference: Design, Experience and Future Applications, IFIP, April 9-11, 1996, Chapman & Hall 1996, pgs. 81-90 with Li-Chieh Lin, Ph.D. Thesis Student

International Technology and PRIDE Program, CAAPS Convention, June 30, 1996

Paradigm Shifts in Education and A Future Education Solution (CARE), GISSIC95, Oct. 17-20, 1995
Healthcare Transformation and Information System Solutions, Global Cooperative Software Development Conference, New York, Proc. GCSD94, 18-22, 10/94
Personal Medical Disk and Its Application to National Health Care Insurance System, Proc. GCSD94, New York, pp. 55-65, 10/94
Enterprise Network Infrastructure and Applications, Keynote Speech, 1994 Academic and Professional Conference on Information Systems, New York 8/6-7/94 (Invited)
Computer-based Patient Record and Clinical Care Information System (In Chinese) CMIA04, pp. 673-7, Wu-Han, China, 5/6-9/94

Clinical Information System and Computerized Patient Record -- A White Paper for Barnes Jewish and Christian Hospital Development Project 1/7/94
Computerized Patient Record and Clinical Information System, Proc. GCSD93, pp.18-29, 10/23/93, IBM Research Report RC 19164, Sept. 1993
Software Design of Clinical Information Systems and Physician Workstation Applications, IBM Research Report RC 18800, February, 1993
Multimedia Technology and Applications, Chinese American Science and Technology Symposium, Taipei, ROC, 11/92 (invited)
Requirements Analysis on Digital Film Archiving, Retrieval, and Distribution, GCSD Conference Proceedings, 1992, 29-42-Based on IBM Research White Paper Written by the Author

Application Solution Development Methodology, IBM Confidential Report, 1990, Revised 1992

Software Design of a Multimedia Physician Workstation in a Heterogeneous LAN Environment, AMIA Spring Conference, April 1992

Global Cooperative Software Development and Technology Transformation, CAAPS Conference, 6/24/92, IFIP Conference, 1993
A Hypermedia Education Database -- A Proposal for Education 2000, 12/5/91
Prescriptive Description of Multimedia Applications via Infoware Paradigm, IBM Research Report RC 16542, pp. 1-16, 2/13/91
FormPlus: A Form Authoring Toolkit, IBM Research Report RC 15681, 23 pages, 9/11/90,
IEEE Compasac, pp. 255-60, 10/90
An Object Oriented Approach to Automating Patient Medical Records, IEEE Compsac, pp. 82-7, 10/90
Major Technical Issues in Medical Informatics, IEEE Compsac, pp. 497-9, 10/90

Multimedia Information Systems SID Symposium Digest, 5/90, 375-9, (Invited) Las vegas
Advanced Software Technology for Automating the Office, XI World Computer Congress, IFIP, 1041-2, 1989 (invited)
Programming-free Form Conversion, Design, and Processing, IBM Research Report RC 15579, 9/11/90
Medication Charting via Computer Gesture Recognition, SCAMC, 1990, IBM Research Report RC 16024, 3/5/90, 10 pages
FORMAT: Form Authoring Toolkit, IBM Research Report RC 67409, Nov. 2, 1989
Infoware - The New Multimedia Information Services Paradigm, IBM Research Report RC 69088, 1990 Symposium on the State-of-the-Art & Future Trends, SMAU, Milan, Italy, 10/90 (invited)
Heuristic Solutions for The General Maximum Independent Set Problem with Applications to Expert System Design, Technical Report, Institute of Systems Science, Nat’l University of Singapore, 1988, IEEE Compsac, pp. 451-5, 10/88
A Vision for the Future, 1988 Singapore Business Yearbook, 6 pages (Invited)

Advances in Computer Technologies, Philippine Computer Society, Manila, Philippines, June, 1988, (Invited)
Methodologies and Applications of Visual Languages for Information Services, Proc. of the 1987 Workshop on Visual Languages for Information Services, pp. 206-219, Aug. 1987
National Computerization and Road Map to Information Technology Research and Development, Proc. of the 1987 Fall Joint Computer Conference, pp. 228-234, Oct. 1987 (Invited)

Information Technology as the Driving Force of the Economy, National Day Forum on "Excellence for Singapore" on 26 Aug 86, Singapore, (Invited)
Chinese Prolog and Its Applications to Chinese Text, Proc. of the Int’l Congress for Computer and Communications in Science and Technology, pp. 627-660, Beijing, China 10/86
Chinese Prolog and its Role in Chinese Artificial Intelligence Studies, Proc. of the International Conference on Chinese Computing, pp. 98-105, Singapore, 8/86

Current Trends in Chinese Computing" 1986 International Conference on Chinese Computing, 1986 International Conference on Chinese Computing, 22 Aug 86, Singapore, (Invited)
Bar Code Scanning Information Entry Technology and Application, 1982, Int’l Computer Symposium Proc., Taiwan, ROC 12/15-17/1982, IBM Research Report RC 9631, 10/12/82; Displays (Technology and Applications), Vol, 4, No. 3, 140-, 1983, Int’l J. Policy and Information, Vol. 7, 165-, 1983
Office of the Future -- Several Viewpoints, Proc., SID, Vol. 22, 19, 1981; IBM Research Report RC 8329, June 24, 1980


(Computer System and I/O)

SmarTouch Display, IBM Confidential Report, 10/93, Exhibited by IBM Taiwan at the World Trade Computer Show, Taipei, ROC 6/94
Multimedia Information Systems SID Symposium Digest, 5/90, 375-9
New Touch-Input Technology for CRT Displays, SID Int’l Symposium Digest, pp. 338-42, 1989

Inexpensive New Touch Screen Interface for the PC and PS/2 with Applications, IBM ITL, Yamato, Japan, 10/89

Integration of Write Once Optical Disk with Multimedia DBMS, RIAO 1988
Public Information System, Proc. of Second Pan Pacific Computer Conference, pp.431-6, 8/87 (Invited)
A Preliminary Framework for a Cooperative Text Composer, Proc. of the 1987 International Conference on Chinese Computing, pp.196-199, June, 1987
The Design of Multimedia File Server Using Optical Disks for Office Applications, Proc. of the IEEE-Computer Society Symposium in Office Automation, pp. 157-163, April, 1987

Optical Disk Technology and its Applicability to Information Systems, Proc. of the Workshop on Management of Computer Installation, Apr. 1986

Displays and Computer Information Systems for the Future, Proc. of the 6th International Display Research Conference, pp/ 10-15, Tokyo, Japan, 9-10/86 (invited)
Sharing Information via Intelligent Public Information System, Proc. of the South East Asia Regional Computer Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 11/86 (Invited)
A Defect Management Scheme for Write-Once Optical Disks, Technical Report, ISS, IBM, Almaden Research Center, 8/86, (invited)
Conceptual Framework and Implementation of Intelligent Chinese Input, Proc. of International Computer Symposium, pp. 1487-1495, Tainan, Taiwan, 12/86
An Overview of a Bilingual LISP, Proc. of International Computer Symposium, pp. 26-31, Tainan, Taiwan, 12/86
Portable CRT Terminals, SID International Symposium Digest, 1985. 
A Light Activated Light Valve with a Silicon Control Element, IBM Research Report RC10853, 1985

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(Material Science and Physics)

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