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Business Plan for Membership Expansion and Member Benefits

Resolution Regarding Membership Expansion Through Award Program

=============Attachment: White Paper Regarding Membership Referral Business Model============

Research Study on Business Plan for Membership Expansion and Member Benefits      (This white paper is a documentation of the research work conducted by MWSearch)

The logic behind the new business plan for membership expansion and member benefits 

The success factors of the Direct Membership Referral business model ( See Research and References) 

Research and References

At a time, Internet commerce has been hurt by the melt-down and investors' confidence have been demolished by the scandals of       ENRON, Global Crossing, WorldCom, Tyco etc. Any legitimate Internet business must examine its business model and its means of attracting investors. Some have remarked that the investors themselves were at blame when they engaged in the hyped business. No matter who is to blame, the facts of today are: the stock market is spiraling down, venture capitalists are not investing in risky start-ups no matter how good an idea or how open and clear the business plan is, and the general public is very skeptical about any new business. 

Even though Medical World Search has a history of seven years but it is still a "start-up" business considering its ultimate goal of serving the entire world with medical information service as an independent source free from bias from any advertiser or sponsor. Ironically, this business objective does not sit well with venture capitalists and their argument is that MWSearch needs a lot of R&D money but does not guarantee any financial return. We would like to prove them wrong. That is the fundamental reason MWSearch is searching  and researching hard for a business model to realize its noble business objectives. We have compared the conventional business models such as (1) retailing through stores, (2) retailing through distributor chains, (3) cooperative (COOP) business, (4) direct sales and (5) multi-level marketing models. In doing so, we have discovered that none of the existing business model is good for us unless we have capital to build a sales force and to do marketing and advertising; or we become a cooperative organization  such as a union. Throughout our study, we have found that there are two golden rules for business success, one is to have a good product that customers desire to have and two is to have a good marketing method to make the good product known to people. We have concluded that we have a good product which can be improved to be better. We just need to develop a unique marketing model for ourselves that does not require a huge initial capital and yet can create a self-sustaining cash generating business operation.

The multi-level marketing advocates always paint the most attractive picture and makes the biggest claims, but the model has a lot of issues and uncertainties as a legal, ethical and even profitable business practice. We have kept an open mind in our research study and found numerous articles analyzing and criticizing MLM. (We have included some of the most critical references here.) However, in our study, we have also found that by keeping the good elements of some of these networking marketing methods {such as entrepreneurship, fair incentives, efficient organizations, self-motivation, supplemental business not disrupting main family income, and social networking} AND eliminating the bad elements of some the practices {such as obligated monthly purchase, preaching distorted promises of huge income (quitting job and retiring early etc), changing policies mid-stream cheating out of the promises, high pressure recruiting and sales techniques, exploiting close family and social circles to satisfy personal greed rather than a genuine care,  ignoring marketing reality such as market saturation (neighborhood), competitive price of similar goods and quality and usefulness of the product} can make an excellent business model. 

Based on our research, we have concluded that it is possible to derive an unique business model for MWSearch.  In this white paper, we are trying to establish the feasibility of a Direct Membership Referral business model from legal, financial and ethical points of view. Hence in the above, we list the success factors our Direct Membership Referral model will be based on; and in the following we describe how MWSearch will be implementing this business model.      

     References (We have researched the most critical articles about MLM and network marketing in order to eliminate all the bad elements and to keep all the good elements for defining the Direct Membership Referral Model. A few references criticizing MLM are included here for members interest. There are also many success stories about MLM. Since we have defined a unique model not patterning any MLM model, we do not need to reference them here. However, a search on the Internet will find them easily if you are interested): 

     1. MLM, Multi-Level Network Marketing - Tutorial and Guide  2. Multi-Level Marketing Plans - FTC Suggestion 3. What's Wrong with Multi-Level marketing? 4. FTC Sues National Internet Scam 5. Ex-MLM Exec Director Tells It All But Still Is Selling (Watch Out for Hidden Advertising on the Page) 6. A MLM Litigation Lawyer's Letter on FTC Rules 


Can MWSearch practice the Direct Membership Referral business model and succeed? 

The answer is:

How will MWSearch implement this business model and When

The maximum reward benefits are:

 This Direct Membership Referral business model gives more than half the membership fees back to the members and uses the proceeds to sustain R&D and operation of the company.

How does a member become a founding member? How does a new member select a reference member?

What does MWSearch have to do in R&D to Benefit members?

Future of Medical World Search

The future of Medical World Search is in the hands of its members. With healthcare as the top-priority issue in the world, the membership can expect to grow to 100 million. In the Direct Membership Referral model, one should note that it only takes a membership structure of  11 levels to produce over 72 million members (6**11 - 1)/(6-1). At $30 membership fee, MWSearch will have a revenue of  over $1B annually to run the company and offer services to its members. The participating members will have received more than $1B rewards annually. The future of Medical World Search will be indeed very bright. 

Terms and Agreements 

This document is a Specific Terms and Agreement added to the MWSearch General (User or membership) Terms and Agreement published in the MWSearch web site. All membership applicants must agree that they have read the MWSearch General Terms and Agreement and this specific one stated herein. Completing the membership agreement form indicates that the applicant agrees with the General and the Specific Terms and Agreements published in this web site.

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