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Announcing Platinum Mi-Card in Partnership with IBM and TLC Information Services

Katonah, NY, September 9 - Under the IBM Business Partnership,  IPO2U.COM  and TLC Information Services announce the introduction of Platinum Mi-Card - a customized, secure, encrypted, password protected and ID numbered magic Information Card , packaged in the wallet-sized Mi-Card style. Platinum Mi-Card is custom made to a client's specification to support all the business needs of the client whether working in office, at home or on travel. IBM's secure server technology and encryption software are used to produce and support the Platinum Mi-Card, which may contain company confidential information, business contacts, personal information and intellectual assets as well as business utility tools such as VOIP Click&Call and e800 Directory.    

IBM, IPO2U.COM and TLC Information Services will provide full spectrum of technical support for production, maintenance and update of the Platinum Mi-Card and its services. Customers may also purchase and install their own Platinum Mi-Card production system.

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