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 Scrammble Chemiword Game

September 28, 2007, Somers, NY - The Scrammble Games Inventor, Dr. Ifay Chang, founder of Medical World Search, has introduced a new Scrammble Game for high school students to play. Recognizing that chemical symbols and chemical compound formulas are often difficult to memorize, this game helps students to recognize and memorize chemical symbols in the periodic table and the chemical formulas they can form. Although the current Scrammble game set can be used to play the Scrammble Chemiword game but it is best to use a special set of cards with alphabet distributions tailored to the distribution of chemical elements and compounds existed on Earth. "For instance, Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen occurs far more frequent than rare earth elements; so their distribution in the game set would be adjusted accordingly." Said Dr. Chang. "Based on the Chemiword concept, students can write letters or sentences using only chemiwords."

A chemiword is a word that can be decomposed into chemical symbols. For example, the word, 'ALGEBRAS', is a chemiword because it can be decomposed as 'Al', 'Ge', 'Br' and 'As'. A chemiword should be written with its chemical symbols. Hence Algebra should be written as AlGeBrAs. It is a challenge and fun to write sentences or a letter to a friend using only chemiwords. It presents a challenge and fun to both the author as well as the receiver who will have to comprehend the writing with knowledge in chemistry.  

For example, the following are two chemiword sentences:

SHe IS IN PoLiTiCs. I AcCePt HEr As SHe IS, BeCaUSe I Am WHo I Am.

(She is in politics. I accept her as she is, because I am who I am)  

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