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 New Game Noodle War Introduced at Bell School Fair, Chappaqua New York

November 4, 2006, Somers, NY - Today, at the annual Holiday Fair at Bell School, Chappaqua, New York, Dr. Ifay Chang has introduced a new game, called Noodle War. Noodle War is an interesting logic game based on a set of twenty five dice in five different colors. There are at least twenty five variations of the game one can play using these twenty five color dice. The games are simple to play but it is extremely challenging to win the games consistently against game opponents, especially under time pressure.

The games are based on logic and math. Like other Headutainment games Dr. Chang created, the object of these games are three fold, one to stimulate players' brains for brain health, two to provide math operations and logic reasoning for learning purpose, and three to offer fun and entertainment. Hence Noodle War games like Scrammble Games are also Headutainment games.  Detailed description of these games are posted on the Scrammble Game web site,  

The Noodle War Games can be ordered online on the Scrammble Game web site. For other inquiry, please contact

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