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Scrammble Games and Marblewits Games Launched at Manhattan Chamber of Commerce in New York City

Product Launch News Published by Manhattan Chamber of Commerce



Katonah, NY, November 30, 2004 - Dr. Ifay Chang, founder of Medical World Search and inventor of Headutainment Games. was invited last week by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce to introduce his two new games, Scrammble Games and Marblewits Games to New York City via MCC's  Toot Your Horn Meeting at the Inter-Continental Hotel. Toot Your Horn is a platform sponsored by MCC for businesses and entrepreneurs to introduce their new products and services. At the meeting nearly a dozen businesses have made presentations on their new products or services which include a new fitness center, an express delivery service, a travel service, a corporate housing service and a number of financial related professional services. The game product announcement was well received by the audience. The announcement is published on the MCC website for the Manhattan Chamber members and the city business community. (Click the news release title to see the announcement).       

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