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Chain Store - Family Discount Centers Feature Scrammble and Marblewits New Games


Katonah, NY, November 15, 2004 - Scrammble Games and Marblewits games are entering retailing phase. The well known chain store in Westchester County, New York, Family Discount Center, has entered an agreement with TLC Information Services to retail the Scrammble and Marblewits new games in their stores starting from Bedford Hills, Rye Brook and New Rochelle. Family Discount Center, founded by the Rotker family, has just past its 50th year anniversary this year. FDC is known for its focus on quality games and toys, clothes and family items. The retailer originally started at a Woolworth and has grown steadily to a chain of stores in five cities. In addition to the above mentioned three cities, the chain retailer has stores in Harrison and Scarsdale and also owns the Ace hardware store in New Rochelle. 

Mr. Steve Rotker, the owner of FDC and Dr. Ifay Chang, the game inventor, although did not know each other before, hit well on their first meeting. They decided to feature the two new games at the FDC stores over the holidays. The above picture is a window display of the games at the Bedford Hill Family Discount Center.  

In discussion of this event, Dr. Chang remarked: "Mr. Steve Rotker is a very experienced retailer especially knowledgeable about games and toys. We appreciate the fact that Steve is enthusiastically endorsing our new games. As a new comer to the toy and game business, we have a lot to learn. The industry is dominated by a few big companies and the competition is very keen among entrepreneur game creators. The consumers desire to have more new games that are not only entertaining but also induce learning; yet there are not many new games introduced by the big companies each year. This you can see from the catalogs they produce and this year is no exception. Another trend in the (toy and game) industry of paying more attention to electronic or computer games is troubling many educators and parents since the computer games tend to be played by children alone. This deprives the opportunity of children interacting with adults, siblings and friends through educational games and toys. This is one motivation factor for me to develop and promote group interactive headutainment games."

To promote the new games, Dr. Chang is offering a number of Children's Creative Games Workshop at several Westchester County libraries. Through these workshops, Dr. Chang will teach children not only to enjoy good educational games but also to appreciate the creative process of game invention. Many good games can be created out of simple objects or materials. Scrammble and Marblewits games are such examples. Scrammble as a word game is very simple but is more fun and exciting than Scrabble, crossword puzzles or other word games. It is highly interactive, easy to play but challenging to win. In these workshops groups will be playing to compete in word formation and scrambling words. Dr. Chang envisions that as more people become aware of the Scrammble games, large scale tournaments with prizes can be conducted among schools and communities. Dr. Chang believes that one day Scrammble will be a game in every home.  

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