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 Having Fun with Words - Article in the Journal News
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May 6, 2006, Somers, NY - The Journal News, the largest daily newspaper in the Westchester and Putnam Counties, has published an article on Scrammble Games prior to the Scrammble Tournament being held this weekend. The article entitled, 'Having Fun with Words' with subtitle, 'Scrammble" helps parents teach kids math, vocabulary, is written by Ms Ashley Tarr with photo taken by Mr. Dave Kennedy. The article described the difference of Scrammble vs Scrabble and the main features of the game: Players participate simultaneously rather than taking turns. The game employs vocabulary and math elements. And the players can "steal" words from one another. The article quoted an 8-year-old, Taylor Grodin, "You get to make lots of words and learn new words and finally know what they mean...... It's fun, and it's one of my favorites." We are very pleased that the press has been giving Scrammble a fair amount of exposure including several news articles and Dr. Chang's appearance in the morning edition of News 12 TV News. 

While the first Scrammble Tournament is going on today, it is nice to see this article in print. It is most interesting to point out, a Putnam County game inventor, Mr. Ed Carini, (who created the game, Headlines.) and his wife, after reading this article, had come to the Mahopac Library to observe the Scrammble Tournament. We are gratified that many observers at the Tournament have expressed very kind compliments about the game and the Tournament.     

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