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Grand Opening of MWSearch Online Shopping Mart

Katonah, NY, May 31, 2003, New York, NY - MWSearch has launched a Online Shopping Mart for its members and site visitors. Working with IPO2U.COM as a partner, the shopping mart has been constructed to offer a rich set of products and services. The stores are laid out in very simple format so shoppers can have a friendly shopping experience. The shopping mart has set a policy to accept only good quality products and services with discount prices, The shopping mart reserves the right to remove any product offering if it does not sell or appeal to the shoppers. The shoppers are encouraged to suggest new additions of stores and products as well as removing undesirable products. There are now over 150 reputable stores located in this online shopping mart.   

In discussion with the shopping mart design team, Dr. Chang has commented and quoted some early shoppers remarks: "Online Shopping has become a significant part of commerce as more people began to have broadband access to the Internet. MWSearch recognizes the two major advantages of online shopping: convenience and no pressure. It is convenient because it is available 24/7 and the shopper can shop at any time and anywhere as long as the shopper is online. Shoppers do not want to be pressured when they shop. Salesmen tend to give shoppers more pressure than knowledge. Online shopping can easily provide comparison shopping and offer product investigation at the right moment without salesman's interference. Online shopping can be a wonderful experience if the merchants and their products are selected based on reputation and displayed along side with peer offerings. Shoppers can get peace of mind if they can preview the comments and opinions of other shoppers about the goods and services they are interested in buying." This online shopping mart is a service to MWSearch members and site visitors. The ClickCall technology is adopted in this shopping mart as a customer response service to assist shopping. Shoppers can ClickCall a live person to inquire about any product or service. MWSearch expects shoppers to adopt and appreciate this online shopping mart.

IPO2U.COM, Inc. will be providing all the technical support to shoppers if they encounter any technical problems. For any technical questions, please send email to or visit the following web site:

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