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 Scrammble Crossword Introduced As A New Scrammble Word Game

May 25, 2007, Somers, NY - The Scrammble Games Inventor, Dr. Ifay Chang, founder of Medical World Search, has introduced his new Scrammble Game, Scrammble Crossword, on the Scrammble Game Show produced today. Scrammble Crossword combines the familiar features of crossword and Scrabble games with the Scrammble processes, namely adding letters to existing words and forming longer words and permitting stealing existing words and forming longer words. This new game is demonstrated in the video studio using the magnetic board and buzzer system. Participants in this demonstration game include high ranking Scrammble Games players and guest Scrabble player Matthew Silver. Aune Mitchell (Scrammble Player) and Matthew Silver as a team has just won the National School Scrabble Competition held in Providence, Rhode island, May 4-5, 2007. It was clearly demonstrated that the Scrammble Crossword game does take advantage of the Scrabble skills and it adds more challenge and fun to the players when stealing and Scrambling processes are added to the game. Judging from the players positive reaction, this new game is expected to gain popularity with young and old including many Scrabble players.

Although the descriptions of this new game is not in Dr. Chang's book, 'Passport to Scrammble Land' (ISBN  0-9771594-0-X) which describes more than twenty different Scrammble Games, the rules are simple enough for any Scrammble player to pick them up quickly. Asked whether this new game would be included in the next Scrammble Game Tournament, Dr. Chang responded, "We will include any new Scrammble game in our tournament if we had enough players request them. The main characteristics of Scrammble Games is that the set of Scrammble cards can be used to play more than two dozen games. However, to get our tournament to gain recognition nationally, we should continuously focus on the principal Scrammble Word Game and not to confuse the public with too many new games. Perhaps the new games would be reserved for more experienced Scrammble players."  

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