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 Dr. Ifay F. Chang Elected to the Somers School Board

May 16, 2007, Somers, NY - Congratulations to Dr. Ifay Chang, founder of Medical World Search and producer of Scrammble Game Show, for being elected as a trustee for the Somers School District for a three-year term. Dr. Chang had announced his candidacy for the Somers School Board Trusteeship four weeks ago with the desire to help the schools 'to offer effectively the best education for the district kids, to raise the top and the bottom bars of the students achievement, to improve the quality of the school faculty and to get parents more involved in school matters.' As a resident of Somers for over 18 years with four children currently studying in the Somers schools, Dr. Chang has a vested interest in seeing all the Somers Schools, Primrose Elementary School, Somers Intermediate School, Somers Middle School and Somers High School,  keep improving their learning environment and achieving better results. Dr. Chang has a passion in helping children to learn. In the past, he has dedicated much of his time in helping school teachers, offering library workshops and conducting after-school learning programs based on his invention of Scrammble Games. His Scrammble Game Show , nick-named as Dr. Wordman Show, has attracted the attention of many parents and children as one of the beneficial fun and learning TV Show. We wish Dr. Chang the best in his new challenge as a school board member. 

When asked what he intended to do as a school board member, Dr. Chang remarked: " Education is a long-term affair and is very different for different communities. Confucius, the Chinese Father of Teaching (Education) has two famous quotes, one translated as: Everyone deserves to have an opportunity to learn and as a teacher he (or she) must be able to teach anyone!. The second quote can be translated as: A teacher must be able to teach (a learner) according to his or her ability and upbringing. These philosophies have all been adopted in our modern education theory. The issue is in the practice or the effectiveness of the practice. Every school district must understand the communities they serve, the backgrounds and desires of the community residents and the characteristics of the student population. It is important we treat the entire school system, in the case of Somers it is four schools, as one entity and the learning process as one continuous process. I think it is the school board's responsibility to make sure the administration and the faculty of all schools are accountable to each others in terms of the learning results of the students. The students are expected to progress from one school to the next with minimum redundant teaching and learning; reviewing the old and reach to the new is necessary, but not repeat the old and wasting the previous learning time of our youngsters is not acceptable. That is a big challenge for the school system and a big challenge to every family. The parents must get involved and they must support the teachers. Schools and families should share the glory if the student were an achiever and must share the blame if a student is a failure. I don't think there is any short cut of quick fixes to the education system in our country, it will take time. As a board member, I hope to make my contribution working towards achieving Somers' common goals in education."

Dr. Chang intends to keep a personal web site on school matters as a communication forum on the MWSearch server. the web site will be at      

The first item in the web site is Dr. Chang's response to the questions asked by the Journal News on the school issues:

Dr. Chang's responses

Dr. Chang welcomes any question, comment or suggestion related to the schools and education in general. He can be reached by email at (Only emails related to schools and education will be received by this email)

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