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Community Education Project - Scrammble Tournament in the Planning 

Yorktown Heights, NY, January 10, 2005 - Medical World Search is joining a community project to develop A Scrammble Tournament as a Community Education Event. MWSearch and along with a number of community organizations including local libraries, PTA/PTO of community schools and several banks (Citibank, Sound Federal ...) are planning the Community Education Scrammble Tournament to be held in the first week of May 2006 at the Mahopac Public Library. The Scrammble Games are word games that challenge players to make words and to defend or steal words by extending them to longer new words with added letter(s). Point scores are computed for each word which involves strategic placement of the vowels (some has bonus multiplier) next to the consonants (each has a different value point). Naturally, longer words and words with higher value point consonant(s) strategically placed next to vowels with bonus multiplier will have higher scores. Highest score wins in a competition. These exciting word games can be played in many ways. They engage every player at the same time to focus and play the game. (see descriptions at scrammble web site, The Scrammble Tournament shall have the Scrammble Word Contest and the Scrammble Bingo Game offered to different age groups (3rd grade and up to adults) in three categories of competition: Single, Parent-Child Partner and Student Team. Details on registration, pre-tournament workshop, rules about contest, tournament location and schedule and prizes and awards offered to winners will be published on the Scrammble web site. Interested players can participate in free Scrammble Game workshop offered weekly at Westchester and Putnam Counties. The locations of the 8-week free game workshop will be announced prior to their starting date in February. Attendance of game workshop is not required to enter the tournament but the workshop experience may give players an advantage. The tournament competition will be held in the first week of May (Teacher's Week) with warm-up sessions leading to the final competition. In addition to trophies and certificates, prizes donated by companies and possibly cash award will be announced in March. 

There are two main purposes in this community education project:

The first is to provide a fun but educational community event that will induce our community kids to develop good learning habits. The second is to raise some funds for our community libraries and school PTA/PTOs to support our education system. With continued support from local organizations and volunteers, the Scrammble Tournment may be offered annually to provide a meaningful community affair. 

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