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 Announcement of Third Annual Scrammble Game Tournament To Be Held in TV Studio

February 7, 2007, Somers, NY - The 3rd Scrammble Tournament will be held at the Yorktown Cablevision Studio from Feb. 15 to Feb. 23, 2008. Following the tradition in the previous tournament, there will be three categories of competitions, namely, Singles, Family Team and Student team. Besides some minor rule changes (see, the most significant change of the tournament is that players can play the qualifying games at the player's own schedule. So long a player had scored a word score of 50 points, the player is qualified to register for the 2008 Scrammble Tournament. The tournament's championship game is scheduled on Feb. 23rd, 2-5PM at the Yorktown Studio. However, the tournament champion games may continue beyond that date if necessary. The tournament can continue into the month of April with competition games to be held at the Scrammble Games Show, that is at the Cablevision Yorktown Studio, on Fridays. The games will be played in real-time and cablecast in Westchester and Putnam Counties in the regular Scrammble Game Show time schedule. Electronic buzzer system will be used so the competition will be in a game show format. However, the scores obtained by each player or team will be recorded and used for determining their ranking in the Tournament. The final top rankings will be the tournament winners and champions. They will receive certificates, awards and prizes during the Teacher's week in May or earlier at the Scrammble Game Show.

The coverage of the past Scrammble Tournament and a short video clip may still be accessible as follows:

News Article:

Video Clip:  Select next page till you find Scrammble with the word ZIP.

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