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Scrammble Bingo Introduced at the Mahopac Library Creative Games Workshop 

Katonah, NY, February 24 - At the invitation by Ms Gail Perillo, Youth Program Director of  the Mahopac Public Library to present a creative games workshop, Dr. Ifay Chang, Founder of Medical World Search, presented his Scrammble Games including the new Scrammble Bingo Game to a group of children of grades 3 to 7 at the Mahopac Library today. The Scrammble Games now consist of five categories of word games, that is Scrammble Word, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Majong, Scrammble Board and the new Scrammble Bingo. The Scrammble Word game is a fast paced word game suitable for small and large groups to play. It has the advantages of an interesting word game such as Scrabble but with more excitement and without the frustration of waiting and using limited vocabulary. The Scrammble Poker and Scrammble Majong retain the rules of Poker and Majong hence their fun but added with the extra challenge of making words. A number of games can be played in these two categories of Scrammble Games. The Scrammble Board is a competitive board game challenging players to teach English vocabulary to out-of-space aliens and make them to win the game. 

Like the Scrammble Poker and Scrammble Majong, the Scrammble Bingo has kept the familiar Bingo game rules. Therefore it is extremely easy to learn and enjoy the game. This game is particularly suited for large groups such as in classrooms. Asked why is this new game introduced at a Creative Games Workshop with little publicity than announcing it at a toy and game tradeshow, Dr. Chang commented, "I do present my games at tradeshows. For instance, the Scrammble Board was presented at the Chicago Toys And Game fair (CHITAG) where there were play tables for people to play the new games introduced there. However, for a new game, it is necessary to spend time to explain to the new players and receive their feedback in a direct way. I now feel that presenting a new game at a non-commercial setting where people simply come to play and enjoy is the best format to to introduce a new game. You will get honest and unbiased opinion and reaction which are useful to any game inventor. Besides, the inventor gets to enjoy the games himself or herself at a workshop."  The Scrammble Games are published on its web site where Scrammble Bingo will be added in the near future.     

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