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GIFTED-CD - A Magic Information Card Come to the Rescue of Small Independent Toy Creators & Retailers


Katonah, NY, February 21 - Under a partnership between TLC Information Services (Medical World Search), IPO2u.COM  and Mi-Card.COM, a venture has been launched to create and publish Headutainment Games with the objective to bring toys and games that stimulate brain and body health, encourage learning and education and provide entertainment to people. A series of games including Scrammble Word, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Majong, Scrammble Board, Marblewits, Magic Hundred, and Cryptogrammer have been introduced via tradeshow venues. 

Under the same partnership, a marketing effort based on the Magic Marketing Solution created by Dr. Ifay Chang, founder of Medical World Search has been initiated to help marketing the Headutainment Games. This effort has been developed under a code name, 'GIFTED' (Good Inventions For Toys & EDucation) since early 2004. A number of web sites have been created by this effort but they are not widely publicized. The principles behind this effort is: creating a collectively supported persistent medium for marketing products and services in a most cost-effective way. 

In attending a number of game and toy conventions and tradeshows, it has been clear that this marketing effort is greatly needed by the toy and game industry, not only by the small independent game and toy creators and retailers but also the large companies. This observation is accentuated at the 2005 American International Toy Fair (known as The New York Toy Fair) when it is discovered that The International Toy Center (at 200 Fifth Avenue and 1107 Broadway) have unofficially been sold. This created a panic for the largest NY Toy Fair which has been held 102 times. The toy fair and the toy center are important to the small independent toy and game creator and retailers as well as the big companies. Whereas we hope that the great AITF will remain in New York and the toy and game tenants will find a solution to their move, we feel it is time to publicize the GIFTED-CD concept as a cost-effective marketing medium for the toy and game industry.  

There is definitely a need for toy and game tradeshows where people gather to chat, touch, feel and play toys and games. However, it is expensive to participate. It is too infrequent and it is too far apart around the world (New York, Nuremberg, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Beijing, Tokyo...). What if we have a virtual tradeshow using a Mi-Card that is permanently and persistently appearing on your PC if you possess a Mi-Card. Why it is persistent? It is linked to a Mi-Card web site where updates and current information are maintained for the Mi-Card content. Why is convenient and low cost? It is a portable interactive CD and it can be produced inexpensively even compared to a post-card!!! That is the reason the GIFTED Mi-Card needs to be publicized immediately. (Please visit GIFTED-CD and giftedweb for more details)

Rome is not built in one day but with a good architecture: you build it they will come. GIFTED-CD is under construction. Other Mi-cards built in the past serve as a testimony. (New York Downtown Business, Magic Mart and other examples) The participants of GIFTED is not aimed at all 1400 exhibitors and 5000 new products like the 2005 NY Toy Fair has. It is targeted at less than 100 GIFTED (Good Inventions For Toys and EDucation) toys and games. The GIFTED-CD will be distributed collectively by participants to retailers and buyers. The benefits and values are great for the recipients and the participants. It will be the best marketing medium compared to the transient TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and catalogs. Sign up with the persistent GIFTED-CD if you have a good product or service to offer! 

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