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Make-A-Game Pedagogy Seminar Sponsored by the Northern Westchester Putnam Teacher Center

Yorktown Heights, NY, December 6, 2005 - The Scrammble Games sponsored by the Medical World Search has been experiencing a grass-root support from the education community in the home state of  MWSearch in New York.  Dr. Ifay Chang, creator of the Scrammble Games has been offering seminars and workshops at local libraries and local schools introducing the fun but educational games based on the 'Scrammble Process'. Scrambling letters to form new and longer words - the Scrammbling Process - not only stimulates the brain to process word formation but also exercises its short term and long term memory functions.  By word of mouth, the Scrammble Games are gaining recognition. By Dr. Chang's diligence, the Scrammble Games have grown to be over 25 games classified in eight categories of word games suitable for pedagogical use. In this endeavor, Dr. Chang has formulated his philosophy of using fun and challenging games to teach or to learn in a simple concept, called 'Make-A-Game Pedagogy'. This concept is the principal topic of the seminar sponsored by the Northern Westchester and Putnam Teacher Center at the Somers Intermediate School today. NWPTC serves the teachers in the school districts in Northern Westchester and Putnam Counties.

The seminar, presented by Dr. Chang from 4-6:30PM after school hours to the teachers, was attended by elementary, middle and high school teachers from Brewster, Carmel, North Salem, Putnam Valley, Somers and Yorktown school districts. In responding to a MWSearch staff's question on how did the seminar go, Dr. Chang said: "I believe many teachers appreciated and agreed with what I said in the seminar. Children love games, Games can be very effective learning tools. However, it is not trivial to create or even find good educational games. Game manufacturers are usually reluctant to invest in educational games since they are fragmented niche markets requiring constant updates and modifications according to teachers and students' needs. Recognizing the above, hence, I propose Make-A-Game (MAG) Pedagogy where teachers, students and parents are encouraged and taught to use good games to teach/learn, but go a further step to create more games, from a starter kit, that are suitable for educational purposes. In this process, teachers and parents can cumulate a steady growth of educational games made by students and themselves, usable in classes, homes, with peers and for future grades and siblings. The MAG Pedagogy can also integrate learning in school and at home which are lacking due to an absence of a common methodology. I am very happy that some teachers strongly share with my belief in MAG and have invited me to visit their schools to offer workshops." It seems logical if more teachers practice MAG, students' academic achievement results may improve from year to year.

Scrammble Games and MAG Pedagogy are described in a book, Passport To Scrammble Land, authored by Dr. Chang. Readers can visit for more information or contact the author. 

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