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MWSearch Welcomes Macy's to Join Magic Mart Online Shopping Site

Katonah, NY, Dec. 6, 2003 - In the middle of the first major snow storm in the North East, MWSearch is busy preparing its online shopping site for the holidays. Businesses do not like snow storms. Winter storms prevent people to go out to dine and shop. On the other hand, when people are trapped in doors, online shopping will get a big boast. It is natural for online shopping sites to put in double shifts to support online shoppers. MWSearch is happy to welcome Macy's to join its Magic Shopping Mart. Macy's as an icon of American Commerce carries so many merchandise and products, it is very difficult to place Macy's in just one category. MWSearch has included Macy's in its Household and Gifts categories and it can very well fit in the women's fashion, men's wear, furniture and others. Fortunately, the design of Magic Mart gives shoppers easy navigation and access to all its 200 stores. The Magic Mart Directory, listing every store in alphabetical order, is present on every category page hence one can easily navigate to any store during the browsing and shopping process. 

MWSearch also welcomes shoppers' feedback and comments about its merchants. You may send your opinion to where you will get a response and your comment can be published in the Word of Mouth section if you so desire. The section is maintained by MWSearch staff. We apologize for not keeping with your feedback during the bust holiday season since our staff are overwhelmed by the amount work is piling up. The URLs of the shopping related pages are listed below for your convenience:


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