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Success In The Cards 

Katonah, NY, Dec. 29, 2003 - The 'Scrammble'   (trademark intended) game launched for the holidays has caught attentions of the local business communities, media as well as educators. The game inventor, Dr. Ifay Chang, founder of The Medical World Search, has been interviewed recently by the press and has had a number of meetings with local school teachers. From the inventor's perspective, there are three motivations for creating and promoting the 'Scrammble' game. "Scrammble started out as a family game with the focus on learning, both in language and math. That is motivation number one. Then in my work with Medical World Search, I realized the possible benefit of this game to health simply because it can stimulate human brains and providing fun and laugh in the same time. This is my second motivation. My third motivation is somewhat selfish that is I hope to raise capitals through a successful marketing of the 'Scrammble' game so that I can finance my Internet and e-commerce interests, such as MWSearch, Magic Mart and e-commerce voice solution." said Dr. Chang when he was asked to comment about Westchester County Business Journal Article just published today. The author of the article, Alex Philippidis, Chief Editor of the Journal, is no stranger to Dr. Chang's inventions and ventures. He has reported a number of times about Dr. Chang's technology ideas and entrepreneur activities. This is the first time, Mr. Philippidis has reported Dr. Chang's non-technical inventions. The article, written by an obviously 'learned' player of Scrammble, not only captured the essence of the exciting and fun features of the game but also made 'learned' references to the $31 billion a year game industry's challenges. "The toy industry is one of the most accessible industries to new ideas.... but it also sees a lot of products," the Journal's article quoted Carol Rehtmeyer, a game industry consultant. Based on the research MWSearch staff conducted, a winner game requires a number of ingredients; it needs focused marketing and; sometimes it just requires a lucky break like a visionary investor or game company comes along (like the story about Jack Strauss and Scrabble!)... The winning game will just turn into a win-win game for everyone, the creator, the manufacturer, the distributor and the players.     

The Westchester County Business Journal Article and the earlier related press release about Scrammble are listed below

Game Inventor Sees Success in the Cards, by Alex Philippidis, Dec. 29, 2003, Westchester County Business Journal (Original (time sensitive, it will be linked to the Journal's original when new issue is published), Archive (saved copy) and Digital Copy P.1 and P.2 (photo copy)

Story About Scrabble, Macy's and Scrammble - Arrival of Scrammble Product Medical World Search Press Release 12/7/03

Exemplary Photos illustrating how the game is played: (Photos were taken by Jesseon Chang, 8th grader in Somers Middle School)

Photo1: 4 players: Each formed words as shown after cards were sequentially opened, the minimal length of a word is agreed to be 3 in this game (South position claimed a relatively safe word ZIP, West: ARE and LED, North: ABLE and East: CAR, MAN as individual letters appeared); then R, M and S were opened in sequence.

Photo2: 4 Players continued: South claimed Marble by combining M, R with ABLE taken from North's hand and East claimed CRADLES by combining CAR and LED and S; then G, C, and S were opened in that sequence.

Photo3: When G appeared West took G combined with MAN and ARE to make the word MANAGER, then when C and S appeared, North took over MARBLE by adding C and S and formed SCRAMBLE. The game continues till one deck of cards are all opened and used. The game can be played as solitaire or by as many as 9 people for a deck of 136 cards. 

Note: Anyone can scramble word(s) from anyone else's including one's own word(s) to make new word(s) so long one or more letters are added in the process. Hence, there is no dull moment in this game; everyone is excited and everyone must be alert!!!  

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