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Progress on Scrammble Games Featured in the Westchester Business Journal 

Yorktown Heights, NY, December 26, 2005 - As the calendar year 2005 is drawing to a close,  the Scrammble Games are reaching their peak sales as most games do. Medical World Search has been promoting the brain-stimulating educational games and the recently published game book, "Passport To Scrammble Land", only on its affiliated web sites. The Scrammble inventor, Dr. Ifay Chang, has been personally offering seminars and workshops at local libraries and local schools to bring the fun and benefits of Scrammble Games to the attention of students, teachers and parents. These efforts are minute in dollars compared to a large game company's marketing budget but their effect is nevertheless not minuscule at all. The recent sale of the Scrammble Games to a Prep Middle School in Jamaica, N. Y. is an evidence supporting the effect of a grass-root approach of marketing a new educational game. 

Today, in a feature article published in the Westchester Business Journal by Alex Philippidis, the progress of Scrammble Games as a business is reported. The article is accessible from the journal's archive at Mr. Philippidis is a game and puzzle enthusiast as well as a critic. He has published several articles about the Scrammble Games. His interest in the Scrammble Games since its creation and his continued monitoring of the progress of the game are greatly appreciated by us, the sponsor of the Scrammble Games. We thank him for his writings. In this press release, we are  making a link to the above cited article and other articles published by Mr. Philippidis on the Scrammble Games for two purposes:

1. These articles are definitely of interest to our Scrammble Game players and 2. These articles should be archived for historical reason. As Scrammble Games emerge as successful educational games in the future, the early literature on these games would be of historical value. Hence the links are attached below:

Dr. Ifay Chang, inventor of the card game Scrammble, says the past year has taught him just what it takes to develop a new game, from concept to distribution. For game inventor, fun is in the cards Ifay Chang goes beyond child's play Dr. Ifay Chang hasn't left the high-tech world...

Dr. Ifay Chang demonstrates "Scrammble," a letter card game he invented and has begun marketing. Game inventor sees success in the cards If you're looking for a card game to while away the hours before New Year's, Dr. Ifay Chang has a suggestion - a game he invented that combines word... 

Readers can visit for more information on Scrammble Games. 

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