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 Scrammble TLC Bridge Presented To TLC

December 25, 2007, Somers, NY - This is a special press released on Christmas Day, because the game invention is developed over the holidays and documented today.

This Scrammble game is named after Teresa L. Chang who is known as TLC not just because of her initials but because she does everything with TLC except in duplicate bridge games. Bridge players are usually serious card players, so is Dr. Wordman, the inventor of the Scrammble Games.  In appreciation of Teresa’s Tender Loving Care for our company TLC Information Services and for Dr. Wordman, Dr. Wordman created the Scrammble TLC Bridge game for Teresa. TLC Bridge is a two-player card game with rules similar to the Honey-Moon Bridge except it is played not with Poker cards but with Scrammble cards, invented by Dr. Wordman, nickname of Dr. Ifay F. Chang. The game can start with bidding a contract followed with card exchanges to strengthen one's cards, then to make the contract by composing words. Teresa is very good at the Scrammble Word Game and she will be very good at the Scrammble TLC Bridge.

In an alternative play method, the players first go through the card exchange process then bid the contract and fulfill the contract.

We wish all Scrammble players a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Do enjoy the Scrammble TLC Bridge over the holidays.

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