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Book on Scrammble Games Sponsored by Medical World Search, 'Passport To Scrammble Land', Published 

Yorktown Heights, NY, December 1, 2005 - The Scrammble Games sponsored by Medical World Search has been gaining recognition through its grass-root movement in community libraries and local schools. The main reason for its success is simply due to the fact that children and adults enjoy the Scrammble Games very much. Dr. Chang has engaged himself in many of the community game educational events such as workshops and seminars. Since the first Scrammble Word game was introduced, Dr. Chang has been continuing in developing more Scrammble games. The game series now has grown to eight categories, including Scrammble Word, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Majong, Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble Board, Scrammble War, Scrammble Puzzle and Scrammble Solitiare. In the book, entitled, 'Passport To Scrammble Land', Dr. Chang has compiled these eight categories of games and illustrated more than 20 Scrammble word games. Asked of him what is the purpose of his new game book, explained Dr. Chang: "We know that children love games. We also know good educational games do produce good learning results. It seems to be logical that we should simply incorporate more educational games in our schools. However, in reality, there are not enough good educational games in our schools. it requires a lot of effort to create educational games. Students (sometimes even teachers) can not keep interest in the same game for a long period of time. Often, after the novelty of a game wears out, students are no longer interested in the game. Hence, game manufacturers do not want to invest in short-lived educational games. Recognizing this issue, I have developed the Make-A-Game (MAG) Pedagogy, an educational philosophy really.  This pedagogy simply encourages students (and teachers and parents) to develop interest in creating educational games for themselves and peers to play. This pedagogy not only can unleash children's creativity but also can produce abundant new learning games to benefit education. Scrammble Games are created under this philosophy. They are learning games but also are toolkits for creating learning games. By publishing a book about Scrammble Games, how they may be used as an educational tool for MAG Pedagogy and how easily more Scrammble games can be created by children and adult partners, we hope to induce our Scrammble Game community to kick off A MAG Pedagogy movement."

The first edition of 'Passport To Scrammble Land' is limited in quantity. They will be available through web site purchase at Dr. Chang welcomes dialogue about the games and the philosophy of MAG Pedagogy. He can be reached through MWSearch email.     

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