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Scrammble Games Donated to the Somers Intermediate School at Its Annual Spelling Bee Awards Ceremony 

Katonah, NY, April 14 - Dr. Ifay Chang, creator of the Scrammble Games, was invited today to attend the Annual SIS Spelling Bee Contest Championship Award Ceremony at the Somers Intermediate School in Town of Somers. Dr. Chang was invited as a parent as well as a guest. Dr. Chang is the parent of Jemmin Chang, a 4th grader at SIS, who had won the co-championship with Bryan Poellot of the Spelling Bee Contest, participated by the 250 plus 4th graders. Dr. Chang was also invited as a guest to present his Scrammble Games as a gift to the SIS 4th grade homeroom teachers and their class students. Each class receives a set of Scrammble Games. The new package of Scrammble Games consists of five games, the Scrammble Word, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Mahjong, Scrammble Board and Scrammble Bingo which all can be played in classroom by small teams or large groups. These games induce learning of vocabulary and spelling as well as arithmetic scoring while having fun.  

In addressing the audience at the ceremony, Dr. Chang remarked, "....The SIS students are all pretty good spellers, your success are due to your learning effort and your teachers' dedicated teaching. You all should be congratulated! The Scrammble Games are created to help students to learn vocabularies faster and easier yet with fun. I would be happy to work with your teachers and you to bring these games to your classrooms. I would try to fit in your school schedules to help you get started...." Later, when Dr. Chang was asked privately about whether Scrammble Games had anything to do with Jemmin's winning the spelling bee contest, he said, "Jemmin is extremely good at the Scrammble Games at his age. His vocabulary was strong perhaps due to his wide reading but his confidence in spelling, especially with words beyond 4th grade, is likely benefited from playing Scrammble Games with his elder brothers. He was certainly more confident than some of us about the word 'gage' being a correctly spelled American word for 'gauge' as later verified by dictionaries. I am glad that he is awarded as a co-champion by not counting the word 'gage' against him."

Scrammble Games are endorsed and promoted by Medical World Search for its value in stimulating brain activities to keep the brain health. hence we say, Scrammble words each day keeps Alzheimer's away. We certainly are happy to see that both young and elderly can benefit from the games.   

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