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 Schools: 'Unscrammble' your child's brain - Article in the Record-Review

April 14, 2006, Somers, NY - The prestigious local newspaper in Bedford, new York, The Record-Review, has published a free-lance article, entitled, Schools --- 'Unscrammble' your child's brain, written by Ms Nancy Dexter. This nearly a full page article has given a detailed account on the various activities about introducing the Scrammble Games to school kids. Bedford Elementary School is one of the schools where Dr. Chang has offered one semester of After-School program by teaching kids how to play Scrammble and build vocabulary and spelling skills. Dr. Chang was quoted in the article, "You can't just tell a child to go off and learn by themselves". By offering Scrammble Game workshops, Dr. Chang has been reaching out to children and parents to stimulate them to develop a good learning habit through an interesting and persistent educational game. The workshops are very effective in attracting the children to the Scrammble Games. Some of these workshops have been broadcast on public channel through cable TV to reach a large audience. 

We appreciate it very much that The Record-Review has published this article prior to the coming Scrammble Tournament to be taking place at the Mahopac Public Library on May 6 and 7, 2006. We are looking forward to having many children in the area to come and participate in the fun event.  

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