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 Announcement of Dr. Ifay Chang's Candidacy for Somers School Board Trustee

April 20, 2007, Somers, NY - The founder of Medical World Search and producer of Scrammble Game Show, Dr. Ifay F. Chang, has announced his candidacy for the Somers School Board Trustee. Dr. Chang is a resident of Somers for over 18 years. He has four children currently studying in the Somers schools. Dr. Chang has a passion in helping children to learn. It is exhibited in his creation of learning games, offering of word game workshops in schools and libraries and producing a children's game show on Cable TV, Scrammble Game Show, for the communities. Dr Chang has also devoted his later career to education. While on-leave from IBM T J Watson Research and serving as a professor, a research director and Dean of Westchester Graduate Center at Polytechnic University, he had created for Polytechnic University the world's first comprehensive Internet-based online teaching and learning system called I-Care.     

Knowing Dr. Chang's dedication to his endeavors, he will make a significant difference if elected to serve the Somers School Board. Dr. Chang has commented on the efficiency of today's news media, "On the next day after I have submitted my name as a candidate for the school board, a reporter from Journal News has contacted me for interview. Subsequently, their editor has emailed me a list of questions, from why do I want to serve the school board to my views on critical issues in education and fiscal responsibility. I am glad that the news media is serving its function seriously to hold public offices accountable for their actions."

The following links are Dr. Chang's response to the questions from The Journal News:



Dr. Chang's responses

Dr. Chang welcomes any question, comment or suggestion related to the schools and education in general. He can be reached by email at (Only emails related to schools and education will be received by this email)

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