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Message To Merchants: (Please advise MWSearch immediately if any offer is expired or being replaced)

Businesses wish to participate in the MWS Online Shopping Mart, created for MWSearch members and site visitors, should write to to present their product or service offerings. MWSearch reserves the right to reject any offer. When an offer is accepted, a reasonable sized digital display for the product or service can be displayed in the MWSearch Online Shopping Mart with links to merchants' web pages for completion of transaction. MWSearch will accept merchant listing from Affiliate Programs administered by a reputable organization such as D&B Small Business Solutions. MWSearch will accept the terms and agreement specified by the merchant's affiliate program including service fee or commission. In general, a variable administrative fee (depending on the nature and price of the product and service offered) must be agreed on before participating in the MWS Online Shopping Mart. This fee may be waived if the merchant provides an automated online shopping site such as one in an established affiliate network which requires no administrative work from MWSearch. If a listed product or service or a store in the Mart did not attract any buyer for a reasonable length of time or created offensive impression on MWSearch shoppers, then MWSearch, at its sole discretion, can remove the listing from the MWS Online Shopping Mart at will. If a product or service was selling, the pre-determined administrative charge would be imposed on the seller but not on the buyer. The administrative fee is non-refundable. Merchants are welcome to suggest improvements to the Mart.

Message to Shoppers: (Download Hundreds of Merchants' logos may take a minute if you are not on a broadband connection!)

The products and services listed in the MWS Online Shopping Mart are offered by reputable merchants, some registered with D&B business affiliate network. The ultimate judgment on the appropriateness, quality and price of these products and services belongs to the shoppers. This Online Shopping Mart is created and maintained for MWSearch members and visitors' convenience and benefits. Any listing in this online shopping mart that does not meet the shoppers expectation will be removed. Shoppers are encouraged to send their comments and suggestions to MWSearch. With shoppers' permission, the comments may be published in the "Word of Mouth on Shopping" maintained by MWSearch. MWSearch also facilitates the merchants to offer special discounts or rebates to MWSearch members. Such special discount or rebates may vary. Shoppers can send an email to to query any applicable additional rebate after their purchases. Shoppers are welcome to suggest adding or removing of the listings in the Online Shopping Mart.

Online Purchase: Products and services selected here are based on three principal criteria. The first criterion is that the product or service must be of interest to MWSearch shoppers. The second criterion is that the product or service must be of good quality. The third criterion is that the businesses or sellers do want to offer their products or services to MWSearch shoppers. Hence, they are provided with opportunities to list their products and special offers in the MWS Online Shopping Mart. All purchases shall be paid by credit card or other means accepted by the merchants. MWSearch shopperss shall pay directly to merchants through merchants' own secure payment systems or through MWSearch's secure payment system at the merchant's request. In either case, online transaction records are used to tally administrative charge and/or settling dispute between buyer and seller if any happened. Products or services shall be directly delivered from the sellers to the buyers.

Buy and Sell at Your Own Risk: The sellers must be fully responsible for their products and services in terms of clear ownership of the goods and services, fair representation of the quality of the products and services, and any warranty, Guarantee, discount and/or rebate offered with the products and services. MWSearch shall not be responsible for any problem arising from any transaction in the MWS Shopping Mart. Both sellers and buyers must acknowledge and accept the risk involved in online transaction. Sellers and buyers must observe the fair business practice laws applicable to online transaction in the States the sellers and/or buyers reside in. MWSearch shall cooperate fully with Merchants and shoppers to catch frauds.

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