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Announcements for MWS Membership

We have a few statements and announcements for our membership to kick the year off:

New Year Resolution

Time ticks by seemingly slow while you don't need the time. Time speeds on like a straight arrow when you wish you have more time. Now it is the beginning of year 2003. The year 2002 passed us by like a flash. What did we accomplish in 2002? What do we want to accomplish in year 2003? Give us your suggestions.

Heath and healthcare are the top item on the World's resolution list. As an individual, many also place health as the number one item on their personal New Year Resolution. Shouldn't you do the same?!  

Three key words should be in your health vocabulary: Nutrition, Exercise and Knowledge (Medical Knowledge that is!) Everyone should keep these three words in mind if you wish to be healthy.

For health professional, the challenge of delivering healthcare is increasing every year, have you given any thoughts on this issue?  

Renew MWSearch Membership If You Have Not Done So Already

It is easy! Go on-line and use MWSearch's secure online registration and payment system. The system is managed by IPO2U.COM and which will accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa to process your membership payment. 

Registration Data Correction or Update Needed from the Following Members

Please send an email to  if your userid appears in the following lists. Membership paid up to yearend of 2003, 2004 and 2005 should check the List03, List04 and List05. The userids contained in these lists have either an incomplete registration file or incorrect entries in the registration data. Please send in the profile data with updates and corrections (most importantly include correct email address).

List05 (Userids): 007man, ausiedoc, Cincare, docbig, georgian, RN35786, Sudoc

List04 (Userids): boiled, Legal1, pamhandle, treatment, wangw

List03 (Userids): 1031064230, clinotel, heri33, margperez, Suzana, virgilh

Grace Period for Membership Renewal with Discount

All membership ends with calendar year, that is at the year end (December 31st). The system usually provides a few weeks of grace period for expiring members to extend their membership. Please renew your membership as soon as possible. If your userid was removed by the system then you would have to register as a new member. You may not be able to take advantage of the discount if your renewal is long passed the grace period. Send an email to if you have any question(s).   

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