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Functions and Features in Medical World Search

  • Medical World Search is the world's first intelligent medical search tool developed for medical professionals as well as for people with medical concerns to use. Its medical knowledge base and medical thesaurus help the users to understand the search terms and expand their search in the right direction, hence saving time to get accurate and relevant medical information. (See Awards)
  • Intelligent Search Method: For example, using MWSearch to search the word, anthrax, you will get the following synonyms and more specific terms added to the query: Anthrax; Charbon; Splenic fever; Milzbrand;  Infection due to Bacillus anthracis; Pneumonia in anthrax;  Cutaneous anthrax; Gastrointestinal anthrax; Anthrax septicemia;  Other specified anthrax manifestations. Sending this expanded query to different databases will yield more relevant results. Adding and subtracting appropriate terms and using the Boolean search tool provided, users can interactively drill down to obtain deep medical knowledge intelligently.  (Join MWSearch and search intelligently) 
  • MWSearch also offers personal search service.
  • Drug Information and New Drug Approved by FDA.
  • Search for Clinical Trials.
  • An acronym dictionary for pharmaceutical terms and a medical vocabulary spell-check tool are provided in MWSearch to assist users to avoid mistakes and to make correct query to obtain accurate and relevant information quickly.
  • Spelling Check for medical terms
  • Search for Medical News Published Globally
  • MWSearch provides many selected and reviewed medical web sites including special illness, men and women's health sites for users needs.
  • Online ClickCall E-Directories for Health Industry (Thousands of Click&Call phone numbers of health and medical institutions and establishments, I800 for Health and e800 for Health directories).
  • A general news search tool is provided for members to search medical news and headlines. 
  • MWSearch offers Medical Digest on medical news for selected topics specified by subscribers. 
  • Medical Topical Information, Selected Health Sites, Medical Conferences and CME Courses.
  • Hot Topics  and Issue Papers.
  • Search for a doctor.
  • Search for medical books.
  • Web Headline News.
  • Web Health Message Board.
  • Most current publications of New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM papers
  • United States Health Care organizations.
  • Health and Medical References and Resources.
  • Health/Medical Thesaurus Scrambler.
  • In order to extend MWSearch for wireless Internet users, an experimental wireless interface is provided so one may use wireless phone to access MWSearch. Palm users need to download a software. See detailed instructions after login.
  • MWSearch's Magic Mart, the largest online shopping mart featuring over 200 merchants and companies with discounts.
  • MWSearch offers secure credit card payment system for member's convenience to pay membership fee. An award program will reward members for referring new members to take advantage of MWSearch.
  • DEAD LINKS informs users about non-working medical web sites. Users can inform MWSearch on dead links through email or forum on this site.
  • Users may use the Amazon search tool provided below to find the availability of any book they found through MWSearch. We have included Amazon shopping links for our members convenience during holidays. This is not an endorsement nor an advertisement.
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