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Health Industry (Click and Call) e-Directory - Major Benefit to MWSearch Members and Health&Medical Community 

Exciting Effort   ( Go Directly to e-Directory for Health, Click Here

In cooperation with IPO2U.COM, Inc. MWSearch/TLC Information Services is undertaking an exciting effort to construct a state-of-the-art click and call e800 Directory for health and medical Community. This directory shall list all relevant health and medical organizations, companies and even individuals in one place where their web site and phone numbers can be clicked and reached instantly over the Internet. Hence, it is called a Click & Call e-Directory. We believe the e-Directory is the most important productivity tool for promoting e-business and e-commerce. MWSearch undertakes this effort to provide a major benefit to the health and medical community. The benefits are significant because the e-Directory, implemented with IPO2U technologies and software solutions, offers tremendous cost savings and yet more user convenience to businesses and consumers. The e-Directory for Health contains (A) a large number of 800 numbers used by the health and medical community and (B) an ever-growing e800 number directory which essentially offers businesses and individuals an opportunity to convert ordinary phone numbers to effective 800 numbers accessible world-wide. 

Major Benefits to MWSearch Members and Health&Medical Community  

Values of e-Directory for Health ( Go Directly to e-Directory for Health, Click Here )

The e-Directory for health is implemented with the e800 Directory technology developed by  IPO2U.COM. It takes advantages of Internet telephony technologies and a number of years of  software development to provide an extremely cost-effective voice communication solution to serve a business community. So long you have access to the Internet and you have a microphone and speakers on your PC, you are able to enjoy the benefits of e-Directory for Health. The values of e-Directory for Health (e800 Directory) can be listed below:

Growth of e-Directory for Health ( Go Directly to e-Directory for Health, Click Here )

The e-Directory for Health is offered to public to browse and for MWSearch members to use. Non-members who have obtained CodecPhone from IPO2U directly may use some of the 800 numbers activated for free use. MWSearch members after log in can click and call the entire e-Directory for Health free of charge including e800 numbers. The present e-Directory for Health is projected to grow at a fast rate. The following process will be used to guide the growth of the directory:

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