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Licensing MWS Technology

Medical World Search technology is available for licensing and can be used in many ways to substantial advantage by innovative institutitions and individuals. For discussion of its use in your applications and for price information, please contact Medical World Search .

Using Medical World Search Technology

The basic technology behind Medical World Search is its revolutionary medical intelligence which allows more precise, targeted retrieval of medical information. Your institution can use this technology in a number of different ways: searching for information over the whole Internet, searching only your Web site, searching CD-ROMs, or searching patient records. Medical World Search technology can be used either directly over the Internet, or can be installed on your local computer system. It is currently available for the UNIX operating system, but a Windows NT version can be made available upon demand. Medical World Search can extend the capabilities of leading search engines from Verity, Personal Library Software, as well as those of freely available packages such as freeWAIS and Glimpse. It can also be used with relational database systems such as Oracle and Informix.

Searching the Whole Internet

At the address listed above, Medical World Search is freely available for searching for medical information on the Internet. Its database is a selection of the Medical Internet's main sites, and it allows to search for every term appearing on the pages that are indexed. If your institution has a list of important medical sites on the Internet that it would like to search on as a collection, Medical World Search technology can be easily adapted to search your list of sites.

Searching Your Web Site

Medical World Search can be used to search your Web site. Every medical term in your Web pages can be indexed and searched, with the benefits offered by the automatic search on synonyms, more specific terms, and the advanced results ranking mechanism. Whether your site is small or large, whether you require extensive customization or not, Medical World Search can tailor its services to fit your needs. The simplest option is to arrange to have Medical World Search index your site remotely over the Internet. You will then be able to specifically search your Web pages through the Medical World Search site. In addition, you have the option of licensing Medical World Search’s software so that it can be run on your own computer system.

Searching CD-ROMs

Medical World Search technology can also be used to search CD-ROMs with medical content with only a moderate development investment. Medical World Search staff can also adapt the system to search your Web site and CD-ROMS simultaneously.

Searching Patient Records

If your institution is a hospital, Medical World Search technology can most likely be adapted to your clinical information or computer-based patient record system to allow easy searching of text-based documents such as radiology reports, progress notes, discharge summaries, and others. Searching by medical terms can be invaluable for quality assurance, clinical investigations and patient care. Similarly, if your institution is a medical software company, Medical World Search technology can be integrated into your products, taking advantage and extending your current search engine. The result will have much more functionality for retrieving patient record information.

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