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Laughter the Best Medicine  

For example offered by Reader's Digest, "Two doctors and an HMO manager die and line up together at the Pearly Gates. One doctor steps forward and tells St. Peter, "As a pediatric surgeon, I saved hundreds of children." St. Peter lets him enter. The next doctor says, "As a psychiatrist, I helped thousands of people live better lives." St. Peter tells him to go ahead. The last man says, "I was an HMO manager. I got countless families cost-effective health care." St. Peter replies, "You may enter. But," he adds, "You can only stay for three days. After that, you can go to hell."" More....


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Chicken&Egg Philosopher  by Dr. Cep

Where It All Came From? Chicken or Egg?

Q: "Where are chickens coming from?"

A: "From eggs. Chickens are hatched from eggs."

Q: "Where are eggs coming from?"

A: "From chickens. Hens lay eggs."

Q: "Which one came first?"

A: "Doesn't matter! You stupid or something?!"


Math & Foreign Reserve

Q: "Why are Asian countries emphasizing math education so much?"

A: "Because they have too much foreign reserve. They need the math to do the currency conversion."

Q: "Why do the Asian countries have so much foreign reserve? (Why do they make so much trade surplus and not like us to have a big deficit?) "

A: "Because they have good math skill. They use math to make trade surplus. Stupid!"


Oil Price & Oil Exploration

Q: "Why all of sudden we have so many oil exploration projects?"

A: "Because of high oil price. Too much demand and not enough supply. We do oil exploration to find more oil."

Q: "Why does oil price stay so high? Why don't we release some reserve or conserve some consumption?"

A: "Simple! We keep oil prices high, so we will have incentive to do oil exploration."

Q: "Why....."

A: "Shut up! You ask too many stupid and confusing questions!"


Sudoku & Europe & Asia

Q: "How come Americans are suddenly crazy about Sudoku?"

A: "They are from Europe. Europeans started the Sudoku craze. Americans can't be inferior to Europeans. Can we? We have to be able to do what Europeans can do."

Q: "What is so good about Sudoku? Isn't it really a Japanese Game? A Japanese name anyway."

A: "What is so good about it? Simple rule, anyone can understand. It requires patience to solve the puzzle by logic reasoning over thousands of possibilities (It kills time). Believe it or not (Swiss mathematician, Leonhart Euler, created the Latin Square in 1783, the Chinese discovered Magic Square (Lo Shu Square) 2800BC..), the Japanese actually imported the game from US (Called Number Place, first published in New York, by Dell Magazines, the puzzle was created by Howard Gams in 1979) to Japan and made it popular; Kaji Maki, president of Nikoli, the puzzle magazine published it, called it Sudoku. Compared to Japanese Pachinko (Nationally popular Pinball game that Japanese play hours in front of a slot pinball machine), Sudoku is one small step for Maki but a giant leap for all Japanese (over Pachinko which kills time without using brain cells; Sudoku kills time using brain cells). It may be also a giant step for mankind if the craze in Europe and US persists and propagates."

Q: "Wow! Howard Gams created the puzzle in 1979, why did it take a quarter of century to come back to US?"

A: "It is just Economics 101: Import, Export and Global economy, can't you see? It has always been easier to import things than export things. The business men are more familiar with their internal markets, they are always looking out for a sellable import, market tested already and fit the internal market demand. So Japanese imported the Number Place from US to feed their puzzle market and called it Sudoku. The British (via a Hong Kong resident, a New Zealander) imported from Japan and popularized it through newspaper medium. The US then imported from England and created a craze."

Q: "What will happen next?"

A: "Well someone in China will import this to China, probably happened already. That will complete the full cycle. It may just be the end of it. After all, you don't expect one NP-Complete math problem to dominate everyone's brain cells forever. It is a boring prospect." 


Trump & Be Trumped

Q: "Why does Trump want to spend money to sue the news media for understating his wealth?"

A: "Because it is an image issue. Trump wants to have an image of multi-billionaire not a multi-millionaire."

Q: "Why does it matter what others say about one's wealth?" 

A: "It depends whether you believe that you must have wealth first then you will have an Image of being wealthy or you have a wealthy image first then you can generate wealth."

Q: "Ah! I got it. It is another chicken & Egg philosophy, isn't it?"

A: "Great! you really have a great potential to become a great Chicken & Egg Philosopher."


Politically Correct

Q: Dr. Cep, Why is it I always have a tough time to be politically correct when I make a statement?

A: Well, this is a very deep question. You certainly have come to the right place to search an answer. You must understand first, politically correct means incorrect in something and politically incorrect means correct in something. A politically correct statement may very well be viewed as a morally incorrect, ethically incorrect, racially incorrect, religiously incorrect or culturally incorrect statement. Conversely, a morally correct or religiously correct statement may just be viewed as politically incorrect.  

Q: Wow! That is very deep. When I say something I thought was correct or I believed was correct, it is actually politically incorrect. When I say or do something politically correct, I may be committing a morally or religiously incorrect deed.  How can we bring up our children in this confusing world striving for opposing 'correctness'?

A: It is very difficult, indeed! That is why one needs to master the Chicken&Egg Philosophy. Give you an example: There is a heated debate in the Journal News between parents who opposes and parents who supports a public high school principal inviting a homosexual person (believer and practitioner of homosexuality, a leader of 'gay' organization) to speak to the students in a mandated audience. Supporters say the speech is about tolerance with suppressed  homosexuals (political correctness). Opposing parents say the speech is about preaching immorality (morally incorrect) and imposing acceptance of an abnormal life style onto students (religiously and culturally incorrect. Do you want to teach children to be morally correct or politically correct? Or both but which one first?  

Q: This is a sort of Chicken&Egg problem, right? Does Political Correctness come after 'Something' (moral, religion, racial...) Correctness being challenged or 'Something' Correctness results from challenging Political Correctness.

A: You are almost on the right track. However, the keyword is 'successfully', whether the challenging is done successfully determines the ultimate correctness. Unfortunately, in a democratic society, the process of 'challenging' is often a muddy one due to the characteristics of a 'loud' minority and media and a 'silent' majority and passivists. The politically correct statement to make about Political Correctness is perhaps you can say whatever you want but you must respect whatever others say, correct or incorrect from anybody's point of view. (Perhaps this is ethically incorrect, for example, the porn literature). 


Written by IFC during commuting, Dr. Cep welcomes your philosophical contribution


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