Professional Vitae of Ifay Chang

Dr. Chang is currently the President/CEO of IPO2U.COM and TLC Information Services, two Internet technology companies focused on delivering productivity enhancing solutions for e-commerce and offering information services to the public. Dr. Chang is the creator of the Medical World Search, now the globally known intelligent medical search engine and  web site.. Dr. Chang has over 30 years of working experience as a scientist, an inventor, designer and architect of technology and complex information systems. He started his career at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, worked as Researcher Staff Member, Department Manager, Senior Manager and as an IBM Director on international assignment to Singapore establishing and managing a research institute of 100 international researchers. His accomplishment was represented by the Intelligent Public Information System built in 1985-88 under his leadership, a system based on early days of AIX (UNIX) machines and PCs, very much like today's World Wide Web system. In his IBM career, he performed research in several disciplines, published over one hundred technical papers and authored over a dozen patents. He held several responsible positions in building organizations including as the founder and manager of Application Solutions Institute leading IBM Research Division into application solutions research. He created OS**2 One Stop Solution Development Process for developing complex systems such as Clinical Information System and Image Records Management System.

In 1995, Dr. Chang joined Polytechnic University as an Industry Professor and founded the Polytechnic Research Institute for Development and Enterprise (PRIDE) and served as its executive director, with responsibility of technology development and technology transfer, and later served as the Dean of Westchester Campus and Graduate Center of the University. Prof. Chang has devoted his post-IBM career to Internet technology and education. He is the creator of the world-first comprehensive on-line education system, I-CARE ( He pioneered the first Internet real-time conference system, created live monitor camera on the web, developed an intelligent search engine, built a fully interactive and operational distanceless authoring, teaching and learning system and invented a software based Internet telephony solution. In the past few years, he cultivated entrepreneur development and led a spin-off from Polytechnic University. Presently, he is devoting full time in converting Internet technologies and applications he has developed to commercial products and solutions. He has developed a collective and persistent Internet technology based marketing solution for small and medium businesses called Magic Information Card (Mi-Card)

Dr. Chang received his B.S.E.E. from National Cheng Kung University, M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. from the University of Rhode Island. He is a Fellow and Past President of SID, Senior Member of IEEE and Life Member of APS, recipient of Beatrice Winner Award, SID, IBM Outstanding Contribution Award, IBM Technical Achievement Award, Eleven Invention Achievement Awards and IBM Research Award.