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Search Concept 

There are fundamentally two different categories of information search. The first category is a depth search in the knowledge domain. In this category, the person already has some understanding on what he or she is looking for. The person needs a search engine or search process to help him or her to navigate into the right direction and deep into the knowledge domain. The second is a random search category The query in this category of search  Arthritis is a painful disease. There are many causes hence diagnosis and treatments vary. If a doctor prescribes exercise for a patient with deteriorating mobility of of limbs and fingers, finding time to do the exercises often is a problem with busy people. A number of exercise methods described here may be useful for busy people. No doubt, if you have a medical problem such as arthritis, you are advised to consult your physician before doing any exercise  If you are a healthy person, any exercise done in moderation is good for your health. The exercises presented here are called Red Light Exercise, Stair Climbing Exercise and Typing Exercise..  

My Problem with Joints and Fingers      

Suffered twice with Lyme Disease (Lyme Borreliosis; LYME DISEASE, EARLY/MID; Infection by Borrelia burgdorferi; Erythema Chronicum Migrans...) I have had problems with my shoulders, knees and hand joints and fingers. Anti-inflammation drugs help when the inflammation is severe. Exercise is necessary to keep joints and fingers in good mobility. 

Like most people I keep a busy working schedule. Finding time to do exercises seems to be hard for me. After committing to a period of time for physical therapy, I devised a number of exercises for myself which do not cost me much time. I would like to share with busy people who need to do exercises.

Red Light Exercise

When I drive a car, I make a point to do limb exercise at every red light. I find it very useful especially for my shoulder joints. I simply stretch out and retrieve my arm back and forth ten times (of course, depending on the length of red light) taking turn with each arm. If there is more time, I do a pull motion (like pulling weights when sitting) several times with my arms. You can do some degree of exercise with your legs or feet as well. This exercise seems to take away my anxiety with red light. I don't mind to face long red light stops anymore. One thing I would advise, do these exercises with a smiling face to let fellow drivers on the parallel lanes know you are just doing exercises. Sometimes, you will get a weird stare, but most of the time you will get a smile back. You can improvise your exercise routine as you feel right.   

Climbing Stairs Exercise

After my physical therapy, I collected quite a number of long rubber bands at home. I used to tie them in the basement for doing stretching exercises. I tried to discipline myself to do the exercise twice a day but I failed. Somehow there is always excuses to postpone my exercises. Now I am tying these rubber bands at each post of the stairs between first floor to second floor and the basement stairs. I make a point that whenever I go up or down stairs, I pull the rubber bands. I pull a few times for each step depending on how "RUSH" I am. These rubber bands do not look pretty so I have to remove them if we have a party. However, they do give me more chances to exercise without costing much time. 

Typing Exercise for Fingers

I spend a lot of time on my PC and Internet due to my work. So I do make a lot of exercises with my fingers. Unfortunately, I belong to the two-finger typist club of the early twenty century. I don't exercise all my ten fingers, especially my pinkies. My problem seems to be always with the last two fingers. I tried squeeze ball and hand spring, they do help, but I needed an exercise that I can do while I was working on the computer. One night reading an email from my old college classmate whose wife has gradually lost her finger mobility, I was motivated to devise some finger exercise routines using typewriter or PC as the exercise tool. I will share them with anyone who needs to exercise their fingers gently but not excessively. The first one is a typing routine based on the top row of a PC keyboard. It is a set of simple arithmetic equations called Arithmetic Luv:

Arithmetic Luv

1-1=0  2-1=1  2-2=0  3-2=1  9-4=5  8-5=3  7-6=1  6-7=-1  7-5=2

You can type this while you are waiting for download or the PC is doing something else. You can create a desktop icon for Arithmetic Luv for reminding yourself. You can simply type into the text file you created without saving it. After a while, you can easily remember the typing routine. You can also create your own routine to please your mind and fulfill your exercise wish like the ones shown below.

The second routine is to exercise your fingers on the first row of the alphabetic keyboard called poetry power: (Your fingers only move on the first row hence limiting the alphabets to qwertyuiop, with or without capital letter as you wish)

Poetry Power

you type

i type

to typewriter




tire to retire

you write

i write

poetry power




poet to writer

you type 

we write

we type

you write




quit quitter or 

quiet writer


The third routine includes all other alphabets hence one can easily create ones own routines. The one shown below is called Laugh or Sign:

Laugh Or Sigh

they say laugh cures


they say sigh kills

why would you sigh

but laugh all your life

no one makes me laugh

how can i laugh but sigh

you can make others laugh

they then make you laugh

it has been tried and tried

laugh is a contagious type


The fourth routine can be done following the arithmetic luv routine to add a bit of mathematics in it. You can create other sets naturally.:

zoom zoom poem

one minus one          (you may type 1-1)

two minus two         (you may type 2-2)

what is the answer

nothing but null

two minus one        (you may type 2-1)

three minus two      (you may type 3-2)

what is the answer

one mighty one

three minus one     (you may type 3-1)

four minus two      (you may type 4-2)

what is the answer

two really two

- - - - - - - - -      (continue in the logical pattern as long as you would)

zoom zoom zoom

we know all the answers

from one two three four

to a very big number

and we can type really fast too ......

Written by Ifay Chang, Ph.D. on October 15, 2002

Information about the Author

Dr. Chang is the co-founder of Medical World Search which offers an intelligent medical search engine, called MWSearch. MWSearch is an independent search service without affiliation with any healthcare organization or drug companies. Medical World Search ( ) has been offered for public use since 1996.

In early 90's, while working as a research scientist at IBM T. J. Watson Resaerch Center, Dr. Chang led a group of researchers developing an advanced clinic information system with the purpose of supporting an efficient and reliable healthcare practice. The system has been adopted by Kaiser Permanente and other healthcare organizations.

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