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Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

Medical World Search has been offering its services to the world wide public free of charge from 1966 to 2000.  From year 2001, Medical World Search is requiring its users to join a membership which requires a small annual membership fee. The fee is set at a low level so that Health and medical professionals in the developing countries can justify the fee required. Medical World Search still maintains on its web site a vast amount of health and medical information for free access by the general public. However, the membership is given access to more search tools and information services. This document is an official disclaimer of warranties and liabilities regarding our search tools, services and information content.  

The World Wide Web changes constantly and no searching or indexing techniques can possibly keep up with these constant modifications; in addition Medical World Search does not seek to index all medical sites available like some search engine portals. Medical World Search relies on many databases and web sites to maintain the accuracy of their information content. As a result, Medical World Search does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of its search results.

If your site is not listed in Medical World Search's index, you are welcome to submit it for consideration by Medical World Search's staff. However, Medical World Search reserves full rights to deny indexing your site, based on its editorial policy and/or its resource limitations.

If your site or any portion thereof is listed in Medical World Search against your will, you are welcome to submit a request to have the site or portion of site be removed, and we will seek to honor your request in a timely manner. However, we consider that any Web page that is placed on the Web either with or without password is made publicly available subject to the conditions imposed on the viewer in the case of password-restricted sites. Medical World Search does not make the full content of any sites available neither does it circumvent accepted mechanisms of accessing information on the Web but only provides links to and a short description of these sites. In addition, pages are added to Medical World Search largely following automatic mechanisms and with no screening by Medical World Search staff, and thus cannot be expected to follow directions that might be given at Web sites. Also, Medical World Search respects the Robots Exclusion Protocol , a widely known and accepted rule of conduct of automatic agents on the Web, and thus allows site owners to restrict indexing by Medical World Search. Consequently, it is the responsibility of the owners of sites to restrict access to them, and Medical World Search reserves full rights to including in its index materials following these guidelines.

In addition, the sites included in the index are the property and under the control of entities with no relationships with Medical World Search. While sites are selected according to Medical World Search's editorial policy, Medical World Search cannot assume responsibility for screening the full content of these sites, which is included in the index by entirely automatic mechanisms. Accordingly, Medical World Search assumes no responsibility for the content of any site included in the index. In particular, you assume full responsibility and all risk for the appropriate use of the medical information listed in sites that are in Medical World Search's index. This Service is intended to be used for information purposes only and is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or to substitute for a medical diagnosis and/or treatment rendered or prescribed by a physician or competent healthcare professional. Medical World Search does not directly or indirectly practice medicine or provide medical services and therefore assumes no liability whatsoever of any kind for the information and data accessed through the Service or for any diagnosis or treatment made in reliance thereon.

All documents made publicly available on this server are Copyright © 1997 Medical World Search .
In addition, for materials from the Unified Medical Language System® of the National Library of Medicine , additional copyright restrictions apply. Use of this information service is subject to the disclaimer and the terms and conditions .