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Winner of World Wide Web Health Awards, Spring 1999

Medical World Search, web site sponsored by TLC Information Service Inc. has been honored as the world's best electronic health information web site by the Health Information Resource Center. Medical World Search is presented a bronze award at Washington, D.C. 


Cited in the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal, April 30, 1998, Section Title: Technology Journal / Net Interest, Article, CybeRx: Getting Medical Advice And Moral Support on the Web, by Rebecca Quick The following is an excerpt from the article:

Thousands of Web sites offer consumers medical information, but findning the pearls in all the muck can be difficult. "It is about 90% 'Jerry Springer' and 10% 'Master Theater,' and finding the 'Master Theater part is really hard because there's no TV Guide for the Internet," says Jennifer Wayne-Doppke, author of the annual Healthcare Guide to the Internet, a book published each year by COR Healthcare Resources Inc. of Santa Barbara, Calif.

A good starting point is a search engine designed specifically to catalog medical web sites. Medical World Search ( ), based in Katonah, N. Y. , for example, provides links to more than 100,000 Web pages with medical information. And Mental health Net ( ), run by CMHC Systems Inc. of Dublin, Ohio, lists about 7000 sites with information on mental health. Sites in these two directories have been screened by professionals.

Having Humans do the screening can bog down the process of getting new data onto the web and can make it difficult for users to get the latest information. But both of these sites do a good job of staying timely. Medical World Search already lists eight sites with information about Viagra, a drug to treat male sexual impotence, even though the pill went on the market only early this month. ............  

Featured in, Journal: Tech Focus, April 13, 1998, by Michael Hogarth, MD

Article Title: Infromatics and Computing: The Internet at a Crossroads, Sub Section: Information Discovery: Medical World Search in which it discusses how Medical World Search utilizes the Unified Medical Language System to develop a customized medical search engine.  

ETA 5* Award, Jan 31, 1998

"Our editors have found your site to be very useful and they have accordingly selected it as an ETA 5* Award site. We will be happy to link your site on ETA WebSearch." 

KY3 Award, Jan. 20, 1998

Medical World search on Jan/20/98 was awarded the "Bytes and Bits Pick of the Week Award" for providing a valuable services to Internet viewers.

Review by The Journal of American Society of Anesthesiology, Taekman, Jeffrey M. MD Medical World Search (MWS), developed by TLC Information Services of Katonah, New York, is the first search engine tailored specifically to medical information.......

Highlighted in the ComputerLetter, July 27 1997, Editor Richard A. Shaffer

Article: What's New, Subsection: A Niche in Tiime:

"Specialized search sites, which have also proliferated recently, can make searching a lot more productive, although their value clearly depends on the credibility of their creators. Information on liver cancer, one hope, will be more reliable using a site like Medical World Search, which only looks at bona fide medical sources, than a site selling speculative cures. ........." 

Mednet Link of the Week, April 28, 1997

"Medical World Search is one of the better burgeoning medicine-specific search tools on the Internet. Built upon a thesaurus of MeSH terms, Medical World Search allows users to search all major online medical sites, specific directories such as Infoseek and HotBot, or Healthgate's MEDLINE. In addition, a very intuitive Boolean interface is provided and users can do a fine tune explosion. One of Medical World Search's most notable features is that it intelligently adds thesaurus terms to a query based on the query terms. Finally, the interface with Healthgate's MEDLINE is excellent."


Congratulations! Your exceptional site has been chosen as 'The Best That's Newest on the Net' And is thus featured on both the "NBNSOFT Contest" award page and its corresponding Ejournal.

Comments from Users (Only Initials are used to protect privacy)

"Congratulations for an excellent search engine. Finally the medical community and all those interested in health issues can have access to a search engine on the World Wide Web especially developed for the medical field." -- Anabel C., Consultant, PAHO Publications Program

"I have read with interest your recent posting to the "AI-Medicine" discussion group regarding your project, "Medical World search."  I am particularly interested in your implementation of the UMLS, ........We would naturally like to learn from your experience." -- TM, University of Cincinnati

"I ran across your posting re medical term search engine. We would like to know more about it and if possible evaluate it for commercial use/licensing. ......" PB, MD, President & CEO, CompuRad, Inc.

"I came upon your site whilst searching for BOT's yesterday and was immediately amazed and pleased with the depth of its content and its ease of use. Some quick searches on terms I have searched for in the past have indicated that you are producing solid results." -- BL, Design Consultant for medical products, UK

"..We are a group of librarians performing a qualitative review of Internet megasites which collect links to health sciences information. Your site has been selected as one of the top 25 sites. ..." -- PA, Northwestern U. NA, JC and BW, U. of Michigan and VL, Penn State U.

" I am creating a manual for a course: Doctors on the 'Net. Level 1, An introduction to the Internet for Physicians. In this manual I have a section on searching for medical information on the Internet and refer to your site with a screen shot of the introductory page....." -- SL, Librarian, Canadian Medical Association, Ottawa, CA

"I think your site is really great!" -- WF, Australia

"My wife and I are not medical professionals. However, we were able to perform a search on LEEP Biopsy which returned, among other synonyms, loop electrosurgical excision procedure. From this we were able to access an understandable explanation of the procedure. Thank you." -- AOL Users

"You all have done an excellent job building this site. I am a little disturbed by the setting of the cookies, though." -- MZ, Tulane medical Library, New Orleans

"Thank you for attention and care! It very much has touched me!" -- VPL, Tomsk, Siberia, Russia

"I will be giving a series of lectures at universities over the next several months, on the topic of "Internet and the Internist". I've found MWS quite useful to bring together many sources on a given topic, ...." -- PG, Professor of Medicine, Univ of Nevada 

"Congratulations on your excellent site." -- SW, Spellex Development

"You got a rave review in ANESTHESIOLOGY." JMRB, MD, Massachusetts

"As the medical Internet columnist for Australia's leading medical publication I found your search engine site very interesting." -- Dr. SB, Australia

"I have visited your interesting and marvellous web page and congratulations for it." -- JCG, Health Law (Spanish), ES

"I was reviewing your site after seeing your address in the wall Street Journal. My company is a publisher's representative for classified advertising, for several major medical journals. How to get our site registered with your search engine?...." -- KP, Russel Johns Associates

"Thought you might be interested in a general developer article in which I review Medical World Search: " -- MH, MD 

"Your engine is giving me a much better quality "hit" than I get with other search engines. Yahoo Medical, for example, gave me only one hit for ADHD!" -- Dr. DB

"I have just looked around your site, was very interested in it's content....." JC and TJ, UK

"I wanted to let you know that your web site is included in my new book, How to Find health Information on the Internet, which has just been published by Congressional Quarterly Books." -- BM

"Your site is being included in the new Encyclopedia Brittanica Internet=Guide for Medical and Dental professionals. Congratulations on your selection to this prestigious Internet guide." -- MJB, Consultant 

"You've got a great Health site, well done!!" -- ML

"I am really impressed with this site. I have been searching a couple of days for literature in some concrete medical investigations, and I have found, what I was looking for. I am especially impressed about changing the Boolean terms. I have not seen that possibility anywhere else. I am a medical informatics myself and aware of the importance of a good application." -- Joergen B., DK

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