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Advantages of Medical World Search

Medical World Search is a unique search engine for medicine that understands medical terminology, is selective, comprehensive, and interactive, can query other search engines, and allows precise, targeted searches. It also remembers query history for registered users, and has a discussion forum. These unique features allow medical practitioners, researchers, or anyone with a basic medical knowledge, to formulate an optimally precise query and find exactly the information they need.

Understands Medical Terminology

Unlike more generic search engines, Medical World Search understands medical terminology, which it can use to automatically expand or narrow search parameters.


In contrast to search engines such as Altavista and Infoseek, Medical World Search does not include sites in its index indiscriminately. Medical World Search staff and collaborators select the best medical sites for inclusion. The selection process of sites included ensures that Medical World Search will help you find informative, high quality, accurate medical information.


Medical World Search has an index of all words and medical terms appearing in tens of thousands of Web pages corresponding to thousands of selected medical sites, including the Merck Manual, Oncolink, Medscape, and the Virtual Hospital. So medical practitioners, researchers or seekers of health information can search the full text of all such pages with one single search.


Medical World Search's highly interactive interface can guide the user in refining the search process and adapt itself to the requirements of the researcher. By clicking on the search terms entered, information is displayed concerning synonyms, definitions, more general and more specific terms that can greatly enhance the ability of the researcher to make more intelligent queries.

Can Query Other Search Engines

In addition to searching its own resources, it can send complex queries based on its incorporated thesaurus to other specified search engines. This means that searches can be as comprehensive and yet as precise as possible.

Precise, Targeted Searches

It can expand a simple term such as "heart disease" into potentially several hundred heart disease terms and will search on all of them, including, for instance, "heart attack"; "myocardial infarction"; "infarction of heart"; "myocardial infarct"; "infarct, myocardium"; "infarction, myocardium"; and "cardiac infarction" plus hundreds of others. In order to determine which documents are the most relevant to the user's query, Medical World Search examines the number of times medical terms are mentioned in each entry, and ranks them accordingly, thus making for more precise, targeted searches.

Will Recall History for Registered Users

When logged in as a registered user, you can use the following features:

Has a Discussion Forum

Medical World Search has an accompanying discussion forum, that allows users to discuss searches and possible improvements. This fosters a sense of community and allows users to help each other as well as give feedback to developers.

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