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Adding Your Site

Medical World Search is not an unrestricted search engine such as Altavista or Infoseek, where any URL can be added to these search engine's databases. Instead, Medical World Search is based on a selection of Web sites containing high quality medical information. Thus, there is no provision for adding arbitrary site to Medical World Search. Sites in Medical World Search are selected according to a set of criteria and with the help of an editorial board .

Although Medical World Search makes all efforts to include information on the Web that conforms to the criteria above, it is impossible to track the large number of sites present on the Web, or, because of technical limitations, Medical World Search may miss or be unable to index some sites. If your site is not included in our index, but you feel that it should be, please contact us and provide us with the information needed to assess your site against the criteria above, at . Medical World Search's editorial board has all rights to deny indexing based on the criteria or on resource limitations.

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In addition, for materials from the Unified Medical Language System® of the National Library of Medicine , additional copyright restrictions apply. Use of this information service is subject to the disclaimer and the terms and conditions .